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Anyone who wants to enter and leave the European Union is still dependent on a digital version of the corona vaccination certificate, if this is required in the respective countries. The validity of the digital vaccination certificate has now been extended to June 30, 2023.

Representatives of the EU Parliament and the governments of the EU states agreed on Thursday to extend the corresponding regulations and guidelines regarding the digital vaccination card until June 30, 2023 Business Insider writes.

It is therefore still up to the corona policy of the respective EU country whether it requires a digital corona certificate upon entry, for example according to the new regulation if the local number of infections increases. This means that there are possible problems for travelers with regard to their individual vaccination status for the next twelve months or so.

The EU does not push individual Member States to agree unanimously on how many vaccinations are needed to be considered a fully vaccinated person. “The European Parliament has only set the deadline for people to be considered unvaccinated if their injection was more than 270 days ago. However, some member states had already reduced the period to 180 days at the turn of the year,” said the Business Insider.

This unequivocally put a stop to the hopes of citizens that from summer 2022 they would return to Europe-wide normality with regard to entry regulations as commuters, spontaneous travelers or tourists. Should there be corresponding country regulations, the freedom of travel of unvaccinated citizens could be completely restricted. In March of this year, the EU Commission provided advance information on the regulation that has now been adopted:

“The EU COVID digital certificate has been a crucial element of the European response to the COVID-19 pandemic and has quickly become a standard in Europe and beyond. Since the regulation began to apply, more than 1 .7 billion EU COVID digital certificates have been issued.”

Regarding the point “ensuring a non-discriminatory approach” it says:

“The EU framework for COVID digital certificates ensures non-discrimination by incorporating interoperable vaccination, testing and recovery certificates. (…)

This allows as many people as possible to benefit from an EU digital COVID certificate when exercising their right to free movement. As highlighted in Recital 36, the EU COVID Digital Certificate Regulation cannot be construed as creating an obligation to vaccinate and is not a ‘vaccination card’.”

On the subject of “Status – fully vaccinated” reminds the Business Insider to the new regulation adopted in the IfSG from October of this year:

“Then an innovation in Paragraph 22a of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) will come into force, which requires three vaccinations for a complete vaccination series. The third vaccination must also have taken place at least three months after the second vaccination. So far, the vaccinated status in this country was with two vaccinations or vaccination and recovery.”

In spring, the EU Commission carried out a citizen survey on its website under the heading: “Extension of the regulation on the EU digital COVID certificate”. Here are some answers from the participating EU citizens:

Maurizio Trovò (Italy): I request that the Greenpass regulation not be renewed or reformulated for the following reasons: The alleged health reasons are still not backed by scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness and a means to get vaccinations despite doubts to enforce eligibility.

Lothar Weibel (Germany): Everyone’s freedom to travel and move must never ever be made dependent on a health status and certainly not on an experimental injection. That would be pure coercion, which would make a mockery of every human dignity. What comes along as “scientific” and “caring” I can only perceive as a paternalistic disguised way to the absolute control of man.

Lucia Neuhaus (Germany): No, the regulation should not be extended. Whether to be vaccinated or not should be a private decision of every person, about which he does not have to speak to anyone and which he does not have to prove to anyone. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people should have the same rights. That makes the regulation redundant.

Myriam de Hemptinne (Belgium): The European COVID certificate is a Trojan horse: brought as a gift “to facilitate mobility”, it hides its real intention, namely to oppress a part of the population that has a different view of the world , who represents life and health, to force the non-vaccinators to participate in society through discrimination, the scientific basis of which has never been proven.”

Tiemo Wölken, SPD health politician in the EU Parliament, commented that “extension means leaving a proven instrument in the toolbox that can be used again quickly if the number of cases rises dramatically again or a more dangerous variant spreads again”.

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