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This trick that you thought would not work is likely to save you from a few sleepless nights.

It is not easy to fall asleep when there are high temperatures, and that is why many people are not being able to sleep the necessary hours each day, basically because the temperature does not accompany, even those old tricks seem to no longer work when we get older.

That is why many people rely on all kinds of medicines to try to fall asleep every night, and even turn on the fan in their room when they sleep, something that is not entirely advisable.

Luckily, a tip from a doctor on TikTok has gone viral, where he talks about a trick that you thought would never work, and that basically comes to take advantage of reverse psychology to trick our minds.

In the clip he explains that although he originally ruled out this trick because he thought it wouldn’t work, as soon as he put it into practice he saw that he was able to fall asleep even with insomnia.

Basically the trick is to tell yourself that “I don’t want to sleep”, and you stay with your eyes wide open in bed, and you try to convince yourself that “you’re not sleepy and you’re not going to sleep”. This forces you to stay awake, and in many cases you will end up feeling tired.

He calls this “paradoxical intention”, and it is when a person is told not to think about something in particular, and in the end he ends up thinking about it. So if you tell your mind not to think about falling asleep, eventually it will think about it and you will fall asleep. “It’s basically like reverse psychology,” he adds.

So maybe this trick will be worth it for the next night that you can’t fall asleep, which now are many in summer.

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