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The campaign “Would you vote for yourself?” that Horacio Rodríguez Larreta launched with the idea of ​​adding “common people” to the PRO lists has already begun to have consequences for the future assembly of the lists in 2023. From the Patricia Bullrich sector they rejected the initiative and warned that, if materialized , the people will occupy the places that correspond to Larreta on the list. “Horacio is going to have to pay for this with his places,” They warned about the proposal, which seeks to dispute votes with Javier Milei. The idea, launched by minions of the head of government from the official account of the PRO, is that people who sign up online to be candidates for Together for Change, They will be selected by a team and summoned to be part of the list of legislators or community members.

The publication in the accounts of PRO Argentina gives the idea that the initiative belongs to the entire party. It goes like this: “Since our beginnings, we formed a space that brought together people who, regardless of their political experience, had a commitment and a vocation to change reality in order to live better. For this reason, the City opened applications so that you can be part of the next elections. You just have to answer: Would you #vote?

However, the Bullrich sector immediately questioned the fact that a campaign had been launched without the approval of the PRO president. “Patricia Bullrich does not agree with the method or the way, and they did not inform us that they were going to make an announcement from the government”, remarked the Buenos Aires legislator and vice of PRO CABA, Juan Pablo Arenaza, who is part of the small table of Bullrich. Strictly speaking, the Minister of Government, Jorge Macri, announced last Saturday to the president of the PRO that they were going to launch this initiative and she said that she was going to oppose it. “This project does not belong to PRO Ciudad,” warned Arenaza. In larretismo, on the other hand, they indicate that it is from PRO Ciudad. Gerardo “Jerry” Milmann, Bullrich’s right-hand man, was also against it: “So long before the election, the only lists that matter to us are the grocery list and the drug list.”

The entire sector of the president of the PRO read the launch as a first for the head of government. And they have already made it clear that, if it materializes, they will have to offer those people the places that Larreta’s candidates would have occupied. “The cost will be paid by them. The same, they do not tell them if they go 38, if you go second substitute or within the first ten”, detailed the detractors within the PRO.

The truth is that the campaign is launched. The first thing they propose is that interested people join an online registration. Then there will be a pre-selection instance of the applicants. It will be like a casting, which will filter those who apply until there are 200 pre-selected people. Those applicants will be asked to participate in courses within the School of Leaders in the PRO. In these courses, it will be observed how they participate, what ideas they bring, what they ask, how they perform in the speeches: almost a reality to be a candidate or candidate. After that, a commission from the PRO (and supposedly the affiliates as well) will vote to select 34 of the 200. Those 34 would go on the lists, though it’s not clear where. The selection criteria were also not disclosed.

In the environment of Bullrich, they did not stop ironizing about this: “What is the criteria? They don’t explain it. If you’re cute, if you’re ugly, if you’re blonde, if you have blue eyes.

The original idea came from the first vice president Emmanuel Ferrario, a leader contributed to the ranks of Larreta by María Eugenia Vidal. Ferrario studied a similar project that he implemented in France Emmanuel Macron, in 2017, in which he also sought to add people outside of party activity. Ferrario spoke with Macron’s campaign teams and then raised the proposal with Larreta. His Government Minister, Jorge Macri, confirmed that the launch was decided with the idea of ​​helping to channel discontent towards the parties and politicians of a part of society.

What he did not say is that this discontent, until nowseems to be channeling it Milei. The initiative will seek to ride on the fall in the polls of the Libertad Avanza candidate to make him lose more voters at the hands of the PRO.

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