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Today is the premiere of the new one PlayStation Plus Premium and PlayStation Plus Extra in Poland. Therefore, it’s time to find out what the new options actually offer, how much the subscription costs and what is the situation with the conversion of the old PS Plus to the new versions. By entering new subscription plans, Sony is throwing the gauntlet of Microsoft and their service, i.e. Xbox Game Pass. So let’s check what it actually looks like.

  1. What is PlayStation Plus – an introduction
  2. PlayStation Plus Essential – what does it offer?
  3. PlayStation Plus Essential price
  4. PlayStation Plus Extra – what does it offer?
  5. PlayStation Plus Extra price
  6. PlayStation Plus Premium – what does it offer?
  7. PlayStation Plus Premium price
  8. I have PS Plus – how do I upgrade to a higher subscription?

What is PlayStation Plus – an introduction to Sony

Probably owners of PlayStation consoles know very well what the Sony service is. It’s worth clearing up, though, as PlayStation Plus, or PS Plus for short, is one of those services that isn’t required to enjoy console gaming, but can be very useful. First of all, PlayStation Plus gives you the opportunity to play online productions with friends or people from the Internet. So if we are fans of multiplayer games, PS Plus is simply a must.

PlayStation Plus also gives you a cloud space where you can save our game data. We get on it 100 GB and there we can store game records. Thanks to this, after logging in on a new console or at a friend’s, we have access to our records. In addition, the cloud can be used as a data backup, because you never know if our equipment will fail. Another plus of using PS Plus are the special discounts on games in the PlayStation Store digital store. And of course, there are also games at the end.

PlayStation Plus subscription holders they can assign specific games to their account every month. These remain the property of the player until he has an active subscription. Titles do not need to be downloaded, you can simply add them to your account. Now that we know what PlayStation Plus is, let’s move on to the description of the new variants that are available in Poland from today (June 23, 2022).

PlayStation Plus Essential – What does this version of the service offer?

In the new version of PS Plus, this basic variant is simply renamed. So PlayStation Plus turns into PlayStation Plus Essential and all the benefits remain the same. So we get three downloadable games every month, access to discounts on PlayStation Store, the ability to play online and, of course, access to a cloud space for our data. So if someone has used PlayStation Plus so far and intends to stay with it, he does not have to do anything. The only difference will be the name it will see in its account. The prices of the service in Poland also remain unchanged. There are three types of subscription available.

PlayStation Plus Essential price

  • PLN 37 a month
  • 100 zlotys for three months
  • 240 zlotys for the year

PlayStation Plus Extra – what does it offer?

The next version of PS Plus is PlayStation Plus Extra. It’s a mid-version subscription that offers the same as Essential but comes with games as well. PlayStation Plus Extra owners get access to a rich catalog of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games, and there are about 400 of them. Added to this is the ability to download game add-ons. So that’s a partial answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. The list of games is impressive and gives you the opportunity to check out a lot of titles without having to buy them yourself.

PlayStation Plus Essential price

  • 58 zlotys a month
  • 165 zlotys for three months
  • 400 zlotys for the year

PlayStation Plus Premium – what does it offer?

By far the most polished version of the subscription that offers version benefits Essential and Extra. In addition, there is a catalog of classic games from PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PSP, which are available in the cloud and for download. It is also possible to stream selected productions to personal computersto play them that way. This version of PlayStation Plus also includes trial versions of games, which can also be an incentive to sign up. So this is the subscription version that will suit the most die-hard PlayStation fans. Although, of course, you may already have a lot of games from the service behind you. How does it look in terms of price?

PlayStation Plus Premium price

  • 70 zlotys a month
  • 200 zlotys for three months
  • 480 zlotys for the year

I have PS Plus – how do I upgrade to a higher subscription?

PS Plus subscription plans

What should people who have already purchased PlayStation Plus and would like to upgrade to a higher subscription do? Here Sony actually offers two possibilities. If we now have a subscription for a certain period, we should see the conversion rate on our account, how much we have to pay for a specific version to use it. For example – I have purchased PlayStation Plus until the beginning of September this year, so for access to PS Plus Extra I would have to pay about PLN 50, and for PS Plus Premium about PLN 80. And in both of these cases, the account will be valid until the moment I had previously bought it (beginning of September).

These values ​​may differ for each of them, but it should also be remembered that switching to a higher form of subscription will result in the next payment renewal to the version of our choice. So let’s check in your account settings that auto-renewal is turned on. There you can also choose the type of subscription that you want to continue paying for. The second way is to simply convert PlayStation Plus codes to specific subscriptions, and it looks like this.

  • PlayStation Plus Code (365 days)
    • 365 days of PlayStation Plus Essential
    • 219 days of PlayStation Plus Extra
    • 183 days of PlayStation Plus Premium (six months)
  • PlayStation Plus code for 3 months:
    • 92 days of PlayStation Plus Essential
    • 58 days of PlayStation Plus Extra
    • 46 days of PlayStation Plus Premium
  • PlayStation Plus code for one month:
    • 31 days of PlayStation Plus Essential
    • 20 days of PlayStation Plus Extra
    • 17 days of PlayStation Plus Premium

Source: Sony PlayStation

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