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The stars of Russian show business are in shock and cannot believe that their young colleague has died – Pierre Narcisse was only 45 years old. The musician had many plans, ideas and unrealized projects. Until the last days he performed in public, he gave one of his last concerts in Yaroslavl, where journalists were able to communicate with him.

Even then, on June 10, Pierre looked haggard and tired, as he did not feel well. He admitted that he was undergoing a recovery course and visited the clinic before the concert. “I was treated on the road, this week I am allergic to flowering. Yesterday I went to the hospital, today at 9 am I had an injection. Well, everything is fine, thank God. The mood is fighting, ”the singer reassured.

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Despite the fact that he wrote new songs and actively worked on musical material, the audience always asked for an encore only “Chocolate Bunny”. Many singers admit that they hate their golden hits. But Pierre was philosophical about it. “My artist friends are just showing off some. How can you not love a song that feeds you? Who are we singing for? For the public. If the public likes this song, I will sing it 10 times. And I’ll sing for an encore. Because we perform for the people. “I’m tired of singing this song” is a lie. On the contrary, these songs push me forward, ”Narcissus reasoned.

He is grateful to producer Fadeev, who offered him this song. At first, Pierre refused and was distrustful of the frivolous text, but then he listened to the words of the mentor. “I remember the day when Maxim gave me this song. It was in the evening. He told me: “Remember, this song will be performed by your children, your grandchildren, your great-great-grandchildren.” And it is true. I am now coming to the site, and there are 10-15 thousand people, such little ones. When they were born, they did not know this song, but everyone sings by heart. It’s nice, ”admitted the graduate of the Star Factory.

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But the artist did not like to talk about scandals and personal life. There were rumors that he had problems with alcohol, and he also loudly parted with his wife several times, but then converged. Despite all the hype, Pierre was in no hurry to wash dirty linen in public. “You know, I have this in my life: the most important thing is that you do not touch me. If you want, say bad words, but don’t touch me, my child, my friends. Because if I go in a company, I can be very calm, but if someone from my party is touched, I will become aggressive. I won’t even ask, ”the musician explained.

Narcissus became one of the first graduates of the musical reality show. His participation in the “Star Factory” is remembered by the whole country. “Because we were first, we were better. And everything else – pfft … Take the “Voice” on Channel One. Remember who won first, second, third, fourth? No. Even I don’t remember. There are such projects: you look – it’s interesting, but there is no project – there are no participants. People go back to work. Someone in karaoke, and someone in the office. There is no springboard,” Narcissus explained his success.

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