A report issued by the Comptroller General of the Republic found that Carabineros decided to pay $1,866 million to Autorentas del Pacífico for the rental of 206 vehicles for 36 months, without having the support of studies to justify said purchase.

That’s how he consecrated it Ciper Chilewhich reported that the review also established the lack of maintenance of automobiles, repairs and replacements, as well as the inexistence of “a centralized administration that would have allowed safeguarding the obligations and rights of the contract in question,” the report states.

“It was found that, through the large purchase process, Carabineros de Chile leased 206 vehicles to the company for a total amount of $1,886,035,558, for a period of 36 months, however, it was not noticed that the police entity had a study and/or prior analysis that would support the number of vehicles to be leased, which entails the risk of maintaining assets with idle capacity, incurring unnecessary expenses associated with them, and an eventual improper use of public resources,” the document details.

It should be noted that the objective of the review was to examine the vehicle rental expenses made by the Directorates of Logistics and Public Purchases of Carabineros between the years 2019 and 2020.

According to the aforementioned media, the institution called for a public tender and invited providers Piamonte SA, Salfa Rent, Mediterránea Automotores SA, Europcar and Autorentas del Pacífico SPA. Nevertheless. only these last two accepted the invitation.

In the requirements requested for the tender, it was reported that the vehicles needed were 168 cars, a minibus, 22 SUVs, five vans and 10 trucks. Of the total of these, 61 were assigned to OS9, 15 to the Vehicle Order and Search Service (SEBV), five to OS7, 10 to Dipolcar and 115 to prefectures of the Metropolitan region.

On January 4, 2019, the institution confirmed that Autorentas del Pacífico SPA was the winner of the tender. The purchase order between the company and the Carabineros Logistics Directorate established a total agreement for $1,866,035,559 for a fleet of 206 vehicles leased for three years, with a monthly payment of $51,834,321.

In the Complementary Agreement between the uniformed police and Autorentas, it is detailed that the justification for the purchase is “the institutional need to materialize the lease of 206 vehicles”, without giving further specifications in this regard.

The Comptroller’s audit concluded that Carabineros does not have a study to back up the number of leased vehicles, which should have at least “the projected demand alluded to by the police entity in its background, statistics or numbers of investigations carried out by the supervising service, average of activities carried out with the Public Ministry, report of the people wanted by the SEBV, among other variables that allow justifying the reasonable estimate of the cars necessary for the development of police work, a situation that did not occur in the species” .

Carabineros responded to the Comptroller’s observations that OS9 has managed to disrupt complex criminal organizations and arrest individuals linked to serious crimes, such as the installation of explosive devices and serial homicides, among others.

For the institution, these would be measurable results to date and, to achieve them, mobile resources were required, so that officials could carry out investigative actions. But in its final report, the Comptroller dismissed these answers as they were not supported by documents.

“The police entity provides various justifications regarding the use of leased cars, among which the creation of new sections and the increase in personnel can be mentioned, as well as ensuring the achievement of results and having taken into account measurable variables at the time of the investigation. determination of the contracting of the service, aspects that were not documented. In addition, it did not provide a study and / or analysis in order to prove that it had considered and executed the actions set forth in its discharges, “the report indicates.

Another point that caught the attention of the Comptroller’s Office is related to the fact that some of the vehicles delivered to the SEBV and OS9 do not have a fuel load for months and others in which the number of kilometers traveled is lower than the average of the other cars in use.

Said review of the Carabineros data and the fuel load system, it was detected that 45 OS9 and 11 SEBV vehicles did not present monthly fuel loads for the period between April 2019 and December 2020.

“In effect, 56 cars without fuel load were verified, among which one stands out with 9 months without consumption records, which denotes that the entity maintains a part of its fleet without and/or with little use, a situation that does not allow ensure the real need to have all leased vehicles,” the text states.

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