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Millions of users connect and use social networks every day, posting photos, messages and comments on them that reveal a lot of personal information that can be useful to cybercriminals for different purposes. That is why today we are going to give you a series of recommendations so that you can make your profile more secure.

Instagram (24 million users), Facebook (21.7 million users) and TikTok (15.5 million users) were the networks with the most followers in 2021, according to The Social Media Family. These numbers of users mean that hackers and cybercriminals have a wide variety of profiles to attack, with less protected accounts being their main target.

It is in your hands to protect your profile, and as a consequence your personal information, on any of these platforms, which is why the company specialized in cybersecurity ESET collects four important points to keep in mind to stay safe.

1.Privacy settings

All these platforms have a series of privacy elements so that each user marks the security levels they want in their profile. Normally when you register on one of these platforms you have to fill in your preferences, if you want to have a private account, who can comment on your posts or restrict access to certain people.

In the event that you have never filled in the privacy settings, we recommend that you do so since it will only take a few minutes and you can protect yourself from someone unwanted accessing your information.


Comments were invented to promote interaction between profiles, so it is important that you You set the limits and have control over them. By configuring this section you can restrict and block offensive, violent or abusive comments to prevent digital harassment or bullying.

In addition, these apps have tools such as content filtersin the event that they detect denounced or hurtful words to eliminate them directly.


Despite the fact that your account is private, you can still receive messages from unknown people, among whom you can find a cybercriminal disguised as something else, to avoid falling into their networks, another recommended option is to go and set your preferences in the Message controls.

In the case of TikTok, sending private messages to anyone under 16 is prohibited, but any account can set and configure the privacy settings they want.

4. Tagging and mentions

Another important aspect to take into account to prevent unwanted people from accessing and interacting with our profile is that of configure tagging and mentions. For example, on Instagram you can restrict who can tag you and who can’t, the same goes for mentions.

All these recommendations are small help to make your profile a little more secure, they are not complicated to activate and serve as an extra layer of protection, since on the Internet you never know where they are going to attack you.

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