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Sleeping in one bed seems a matter of course, but there are many couples who prefer separate beds and even bedrooms. And there’s no need to feel bad about yourself, as there are some good reasons to sleep apart after all.

What Makes Separate Sleeping The Best Solution?

There are many couples who love their closeness at night and cannot imagine not hugging each other. There are also lovers of occupying one bed at night, but under separate duvets. And of course, there are also those for whom sleeping separately is the best way to get a night out. Although the latter may be surprising, their attitude is most often a conscious and the only sensible choice. Snoring, twirling, and removing the duvet are some of the most common reasons for choosing separate beds.

Before that happens, however, one of the partners has problems falling asleep or is constantly awake, which after a long time becomes the cause of fatigue and malaise, and often conflicts. After all, sleep is one of the basic activities without which it is difficult to function. As a consequence, health problems may arise, e.g. an increased risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease or cardiovascular diseases. It is possible when sleep problems due to the partner’s fault have been going on for a long time. And most often in such situations, the decision to have separate beds can be a godsend for a couple.

Six things that make it better to sleep separately

Partner is snoring

Well, the noises of snoring are one of the most annoying, either keeping you awake or waking you up at night. Sometimes snoring is so loud that we have no choice but to nudge our partner to change position and stop snoring for a moment. It is no wonder then that many couples arrange to sleep in separate beds. But lest it be unfair – not only men snore – women also often suffer from it. If snoring is extremely troublesome, talk to your doctor about it, as it may be the result of an allergy or sleep apnea problem.

You have different circadian rhythms

You are an owl and you love to sit late at night, and he, in turn, goes to bed early and asks for silence or turning off the lights. Or vice versa. In this case, sleeping separately helps to avoid conflicts without interfering with each other’s natural way of functioning.

You have different habits

Even if you fall asleep at a similar time, with one of you enjoying reading a book before going to bed and the other enjoying watching TV, you are disturbing each other. This can be a source of conflict and it is not always easy to find a compromise. Sleeping in different rooms will allow you to meet the needs of each partner.

It’s too warm in bed

This is another reason why couples move to separate beds. It happens that one of the partners does not like it when he is too warm, while the other side likes to cuddle and “warms” with his body at the same time. In this arrangement, for those who love coolness and space around them, the nights are no longer comfortable.

It is uncomfortable for you

This can also cause people to go to a separate bed. It is difficult to find a comfortable place for yourself in bed, if someone loves to sleep on a soft mattress, and the other person should sleep on a firmer mattress for health reasons, for example.

One of you has restless leg syndrome (RLS)

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a problem that most often occurs in women. It causes unpleasant sensations that force the need to constantly move the legs, which only brings temporary relief. Soon the movements return and can be so annoying that they may force you to get out of bed. In this case, it is worth reporting the disease to a doctor, because the problem may have various causes that should be looked at by a specialist.

If you are considering moving to separate beds because you know any of the above problems all too well, you don’t have to worry that it will affect your sex life badly. You don’t have to sleep in one bed to keep the flame alight. Sleeping alone can work to your advantage, considering that not getting enough sleep depresses your mood, and feeling less comfortable makes sex less urgent. It may sound like a cliche, but in this case, better sleep leads to better sex.

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