So in the 13th minute of extra time – well, where without a damn dozen! – the score became 3:2 in favor of the guests, who took the lead in the final series 3-1.

Unfortunately for the current champions, all their attention at that moment was focused on the very fact of scoring Vasilevsky. For no one could understand where the puck had gone after Kadri’s shot. And she got stuck between the net and the back top bar of the gate. The captain of “Tampa” Stamkos was the first to see her and knocked her out onto the ice with an imperceptible slight movement of his hand. Of course, the video replay immediately removed all questions.

At first it seemed to me that Kadri went offside: he took the puck too deep in the attacking zone. But no: the freeze frame showed that the attacker had crossed the blue line correctly. At the same time, I noticed that when Kadri flew at full speed to the gates of Vasilevsky, one Colorado player was on the court right next to his bench. However, he did not attach any importance to this. But in vain!

Here is an excerpt from the rules that will clarify everything for you:

“Rule 88 Change of Playing Lineup During Play Action.

1. The change of hockey players can be carried out at any time of the match, provided that the change takes place 1.5 meters from the boards along the entire length of the players’ bench, and the players being replaced do not participate in the game in any way.

2. If a retiring player leaves the 1.5 meter substitution zone and participates in game action before at least one skate of the retiring player is out of the ice on the players’ bench, then his team will be assessed a penalty for violation of the number of players.

Incredibly, the judges did not notice that the guests had six field players on the ice! Moreover, McKinnon – and it was he who stood at the bench – was alone in the one and a half meter zone! Moreover – and this is the most egregious! – It was MacKinnon who replaced Kadri, who scored the decisive goal. At the same time, he was in the middle zone fifteen meters from the side board ?! That’s why he flew away, like a bullet, from Sergachev’s defenders, exhausted due to a long shift (in total, Mikhail skated 32:47) and McDonagh (29:18).

I love this league. Every hockey player dreams of playing in the NHL. I’m proud of the players. It’s very, very hard: in the era of the salary cap, to fight for the third consecutive Stanley Cup. But… Sorry, it’s hard for me to say, Tampa Coach John Cooper almost cried at a press conference. “Now my heart is breaking with resentment for my guys. I feel sorry for them. This overtime goal could not be counted. We’ll talk to you tomorrow. You will understand everything when you watch the video …

According to the reaction of the audience, it seemed to me that none of the journalists understood Cooper. The ersatz hero of the evening himself even joked unsuccessfully:

The puck hit the back of the goal. This is the end of the movie. I’m not sure about Cooper’s words that the goal should not have been counted, looped the plot in front of reporters Nazem Kadri after the woeful speech of the hosts’ coach.

So what about the NHL? When will there be a replay? After all, this episode decided not only the outcome of match No. 4, but most likely throughout the final series. Going 1-3 with the Lightning, as historical playoff stats show, is simply unrealistic.

Alas, Gary Bettman’s office quietly washed their hands, limiting themselves to a dry press release:

Penalty for violation of the strength of the right to appoint any of the four judges on the ice. After the match, representatives of the hockey operations department met with four referees in accordance with the usual protocol. Discussing the winning goal, each of the referees said that they did not see a violation of the number of players during the game. This is a decision that is not subject to review either in the video room at the league office or by referees on the ice.

Indeed: the end of the film, the curtain!

Like this: there is a crime, there is a victim, there are witnesses, but there is no punishment! Is this the best league in the world?! Shame on you, NHL!

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