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The ex-president Mauricio Macri the province of Buenos Aires walked again, this time hand in hand with the former governor of Buenos Aires Maria Eugenia Vidal and his candidate for governor for next year, Christian Ritondo. Vidal has already said that he has presidential aspirations, while Macri plays with the mystery but continues to test if he receives the support of the neighbors and neighbors that he crosses on these tours, as he already did in Lanús. In this case, they were accompanied as host by the mayor of the PRO of La Plata, Julius Garro. Everyone took advantage of the tour to remember the flood that claimed lives during the government of Daniel Scioli and the works that were done so that La Plata does not flood again.

In the case of Macri, it is the second time that he has toured the province, like someone who tests if there is water before jumping into the pool. The first “experiment” (as the organizers called it) was in Monte Chingolo, where he went with the mayor of Lanús, Nestor Grindettiand with his chief of staff, Diego Kravetz. Literally what they were looking for was to measure people: if they insulted Macri, if they were indifferent, or if – as they say happened They greeted him and asked for a selfie. That of La Plata is his second tour (always through territories governed by their own). And again there was an intention to show that society gave Macri an amnesty after his last two years in government and his early departure, without a second term.

Thus, for example, after the tour of La Plata, Hernán Lombardi – one of those promoting Macri’s return – shared a video where the former president is seen greeting people inside a cafe. He simply put “Mauritius and the people”.

The intention, evidently, is to show that now the former president is once again in tune with his voters, which outlines him to present himself again in 2023, in search of a new mandate.

Interestingly, this tour was shared with someone who could face it: Vidal She has already said that she plans to be a candidate for president, although she left open the possibility of running later and not in 2023. But, in turn, began a tour of 17 provinces this year, in an ambitious installation plan with the presidential elections in mind. This tour, however, united Macri and Vidal –with a smile like in the old days– with Ritondo, who intends to dispute the candidacy for governor of Buenos Aires. Diego Santillithe one chosen by Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

The occasion was to visit the creek the cat to remember the works they did and also, why not, the victims of the 2013 floods. On the tour, which took them through Tolosa, they highlighted that the neighbors benefited from the works. “Very happy to be here, to see the transformative value that a work can have in the lives of thousands of people,” said Macri, back in the presidential suit. “It’s also very nice to talk with people and that they themselves tell you about the change for the better. Families who lost everything in 2013 and now say they live in peace, because they know that this will not happen again.”

“The work of the El Gato stream came to solve one of the most important structural problems that La Plata had in terms of flooding. This is one of the emblematic works of the more than 2,400 that we started and finished in our government,” said Vidal, who sought to revalue her management as governor after having abandoned the district forever.”Today we see a setback and a paralyzed management with a government that only deals with its own internal partisans and does not care about the reality that people live,” he pointed to Axel Kicillof and Alberto Fernández.

“Argentina and the province are a ship without a rudder. In 2023 we are going to give back hope to Argentines with the change that is needed,” added Ritondo, who considered that “with political decision and planning we have to recover the start-up of strategic works in the province, as we did when we governed with Mauricio and Maria Eugenia. “We know what is needed and we have the trained teams to transform this sad reality that we live in,” he assured, already wearing the gubernatorial candidate suit.

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