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usually count Ines Arrimadas his colleagues that visits to Europe have a sort of soothing effect at this difficult stage. Because there, in the liberal summits, she talks with those who faced the same weakness that she now suffers. “It changes your perspective,” the Jerez native repeats.

On his last trip, moreover, he has found a solid support. Paradoxically, in the least buoyant moment of Ciudadanos, he has achieved what he did not achieve Albert Rivera: the photo with Emmanuel Macron. According to the sources consulted by this newspaper, Arrimadas and the French president talked “informally” for “a few minutes”.

Macron and Arrimadas had traveled to the Belgian capital to participate in a meeting of the liberals prior to the European Council. A meeting in which the different forces dialogue to establish the liberal position in the conclave.

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The leader of Ciudadanos – they explain EL ESPAÑOL from her surroundings – congratulated Macron on the revalidation of his presidency. Afterwards, they chatted about the collaboration between Ciudadanos and En Marche. The role of the Spanish was key in the past to integrate macronism in Renew Europe, the parliamentary group in Strasbourg.

The situation was complex, since En Marche, despite appearing in Renew Europe, is not within ALDE, what we could call the party, just as the European People’s Party exists. To achieve this integration, Ciudadanos intervened. And that is what was commented by Macron and Arrimadas.

Inés Arrimadas and Emmanuel Macron, in Brussels.

Pedro Ruiz (Cs)

There was no time, these sources assure, to analyze domestic politics. The result of the Andalusian elections was not mentioned. However, there were gestures of affection for Arrimadas because of it. In the group photo –and in those group photos nothing is casual– the president of Ciudadanos appears between the president of the European Council, Charles Michaeland Emmanuel Macron.

The talk has been possible thanks, to a large extent, to the mediation of the Ciudadanos MEPs, led by louis garicano. Both he and Clara de Melo –former press officer of Arrimadas and today in charge of communication at Renew Europe– maintain a direct link with Stephane Sejourneclose friend of Macron and head of the European liberals.

That channel will be squeezed by Citizens in the coming months. As this newspaper revealed, a crisis committee is preparing a catalog of proposals with which to revitalize the party. One of them consists of touring the country to form assemblies where they gather new measures for the electoral program. Something that is not accidental: this is how Macron built his platform for the presidential elections.

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Paradoxically, Inés Arrimadas has achieved with ten seats what Albert Rivera did not achieve with 57. According to what this newspaper confirmed, the former president of Ciudadanos “tried up to three times.”

It’s hard to find a reason. The version compiled by EL ESPAÑOL from reliable sources goes like this: Macron began working to set up his platform in 2016. By then, Rivera already had 32 seats in Congress. Apparently, the emerging French leader wanted to approach the president of Ciudadanos, but he did not show much interest. When the tables turned, it was Macron who did not want to pose with the Catalan.

In addition to the brief confrontation with Macron, Arrimadas has taken advantage of his trip to Brussels to analyze the situation of Ciudadanos with the Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander de Crooand with the leader of the Austrian Liberals, Beate Meinl-Reisinger. He also chatted with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte.

Meanwhile, in Spain, the Popular Party continues to study how to integrate Ciudadanos. It is a medium-term plan. There are eleven months to go until the municipal super Sunday. On that journey, Arrimadas will have to make a decision about the future of the orange organization.

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