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The Complaints Commission of the National Electoral Institute (INE) declared inadmissible the precautionary measures requested by the National Action (PAN), Institutional Revolutionary (PRI) and Democratic Revolution (PRD) parties against the head of government and the secretaries of Foreign Affairs and the Interior, for early campaign events.

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They requested them because they considered that they carried out anticipated pre-campaign and campaign acts with improper use of public resources in a personalized promotion contrary to the electoral law.

All this, as a result of his participation in the event called by Morena in Toluca, State of Mexico, on June 12.

The electoral advisers rejected the urgency of calling these officials to stop their conduct because their future repetition is an unconsummated fact and is uncertain.

In addition, for now the electoral processes of the State of Mexico and Coahuila, to which they referred in their speeches, have not begun. They will formally begin next January and the electoral process to elect the President of the Republic in 2024 will start in September of next year, the INE advisers explained.

“With the elements we have, the urgent circumstances, imperative need or imperative delay for the issuance of precautionary measures such as preventive protection are not updated,” said Adriana Favela, president of the INE Complaints Commission.

The INE advisers made it clear that it will finally be up to the specialized chamber of the TEPJF to determine whether the conduct of Ebrard, Sheinbaum and Adán Augusto López has been illegal or not, since it will be the magistrates who will resolve the merits of the matter and then it will be a precedent to all political actors must adjust.

What they did warn is that if events such as the massive act of Morena in Toluca are repeated before that Court resolution, the INE advisers could reconsider the precautionary measures that this time they rejected and that were requested by the opposition parties.

“It would be necessary to be careful that acts such as those that took place now do not form part, precisely, of what could constitute a campaign, a recidivism, because then preventive protection could make sense, I will be careful so that, if in the In the future, similar acts and complaints will be presented for behaviors very similar to these, because eventually we are facing the possible anticipation of electoral processes outside the times established by law, both at the local and federal levels”, said Ciro Murayama , electoral adviser of the INE.

“And hopefully there can be a resolution that gives a lot of clarity in the background regarding what can and cannot be done to prevent simulations or fraud from occurring in the law,” said Claudia Zavala, INE electoral advisor.

Given this scenario, the Complaints and Denunciations Commission addressed a statement to the head of the Government of Mexico City and the Secretaries of Foreign Affairs and the Interior, as well as the Morena political party.

It asks them to, at all times, adjust their acts and behaviors to the constitutional limits and parameters and reminds them of the obligation of their position to conduct themselves with impartiality and neutrality, in order not to affect equity in the electoral contest, respecting the established times. by the law on campaigns and pre-campaigns.

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