As a lawyer interested in matters of public law, I agree that it was a mistake – for beginners – to create a cabinet outside the public apparatus, not only because public positions must be created by law, but also because an eventual change of that cabinet, in particular, would become a matter more closely linked to political entertainment than to government affairs.

But, jokes aside, and also setting aside Administrative Law, the first question that I think is prudent to ask is: why should the sentimental and informal partner of the President of the Republic, exposed to a change of cabinet (sorry for the irony) have to have a formal position in the State Administration? From which follows several other questions: what happens if that informal link is suspended or broken? discriminate? Would we have a collegiate cabinet?

But since the issue of the invented and strange cabinet has already had its course with a new government retreat, other issues of greater relevance arise, if it is about gender equality, since Miss Karamanos has become, from now on , the head of the “Sociocultural Coordination of the Presidency of the Republic”, something like its director.

Impossible not to link the sociocultural with the activity carried out, for example, by foundations, in a patriarchal logic of the 20th century, where women are relegated to this type of social and cultural projects, exempting them from the need to generate resources, because they come from the generosity of the philanthropy of the companies that, for their part, are managed by men.

The parallel between the foundations dedicated to the socio-cultural and the analogous Coordination of the Presidency of the Republic, shows basically the same patriarchal structure, which relegates women to a secondary and protected level, but which plays a very important role, since it allows her to influence, with her charms, rough male decisions (I apologize again for the irony).

There are plenty of examples, from the mythical Vito Corleone Foundation, which Michael gives to his daughter Mary to help the poor, grant scholarships to artists and finance medical research, or, without resorting to fiction, the Fundación MERI, of the Solaris, who gives a generous annuity in millions of dollars to Doña Francisca Cortés Solari, who has no need to generate the income, but only to spend it well.

It’s easy to proclaim gender equality, but it’s a different thing with the guitar.

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