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You will not lie: in an apparent rapture of sincerity Jair Bolsonaro affirmed before pastors and evangelical faithful have kept a reserved meeting with the former Bolivian de facto president Jeanine Añezrecently sentenced to ten years in prison for the coup that deposed President Evo Morales.

This confession adds another element to the suspicions about the brazilian complicity with the coup of November 2019.

If the complicity of former President Mauricio Macri with the coup plotters was demonstrated through the evidence presented to the justice system, little progress has been made so far in clarifying Brazil’s participation. Which is practically confirmed in this statement by Bolsonaro made last Saturday: “Has anyone heard of Jeanine Áñez? Who is that woman? She is approximately 50 years old, blonde, I was with her once in my life, I had a good impression of her, a nice person, in a first contact she had almost a ten mark”.

He stated it in the temple of the International Ministry of Restoration, in Manaus, the most important city in the Brazilian Amazon forest that extends to northern Bolivia.

By the way this was the second time who spoke of his face-to-face contact with the occupant, by force, of the Palacio del Quemado. Her first revelation occurred almost a year ago and she was exclusively reported by this newspaper. Immediately, from La Paz, Áñez’s lawyers denied the holding of that conclave.

“The former president has requested that the defense express emphatically that she never held a meeting with Mr. Jair Bolsonaro,” said Dr. Norka Cuéllar, quoted by the EFE agency.


The first mention of the quote occurred in July of last year and seemed to be the result of the verbal incontinence of the president, whose allies promptly removed the phrase from social networks, perhaps to protect him from a scandal.

But this weekend he spoke about that meeting again, and he did it more explicitly by beginning a speech several times interrupted by the applause of his supporters, among whom there were some who called him a “myth.”

Strictly speaking, Bolsonaro did nothing else to ratify the meeting denied by his far-right co-religionist Áñez. One of the two is missing the truth.

In a pastoral tone, accompanied by the apostle René Terra Nova, the ruler gave a sermon in the Amazonian temple, “it is not our rule to lie. In my electoral campaign I spoke a lot about John 832 (biblical verse), lying is not acceptable.” In addition, he assured that the former TV host, senator and president is a victim of persecution by an authoritarian government. And he predicted that he and the defenders of “freedom” may face the same fate as the “innocent” Áñez if Brazil is governed again without Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, of the Workers’ Party (PT).

A couple of days after that sermon the deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the president, released this Monday a map of South America where Bolivia appeared marked with a hammer and sickle. Repeated symbol on the maps of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and the Colombia of the recently elected Gustavo Petro.


PT deputy Arlindo Chinaglia, a Bolivian diplomatic source, and the very well-informed Brazilian investigative journalist, Marco Aurelio de Carvalho, all agreed that it was quite likely that Bolsonaro and Áñez had spoken in person.

“I have no proof of what happened, but Bolsonaro himself declared that he met Áñez. What is being said? That they would have met without leaving a record in the Planalto Palace (Brasilia), this could have happened but not I’m stating it,” Chinaglia said.

His suspicions are shared by other PT legislators, such as Senator Humberto Costa, who required Bolsonaro’s personal cabinet to report if there were meetings with Áñez and with the Santa Cruz leader. Luis Fernando Camano between January 1 and December 31, 2019.

That requisition would start from the assumption that the now condemned ex-governor could have traveled to Brasilia before and after the coup.

About Camacho, the strong man of the seditious movement, his presence in Brasilia at the beginning of May 2019 is confirmed, when he was and was photographed with the then chancellor, Ernesto Araújo. According to reports, on that same trip the “Bolivian Bolsonaro” -as he is nicknamed- would have been received by the original from Brazil.

For its part, the Bolivian source, who is a member of the diplomatic cadre of his country, maintains that Áñez could have traveled to Brazil on one of the more than 20 flights made by the presidential plane FAB001 as of November 11, 2019, a day after the fall of Morales.

“We don’t know for sure if it was, but it makes sense that he went to receive the support of the government of a fundamental country in the region such as Brazil, which was also the first government to recognize Áñez and the government that said that everything was done with respect for the institutions,” said the diplomat.

For her, the “strong” fact is that all these flights were registered by the North American company FlightAware, in templates published in this newspaper by Felipe Yapur.


The diplomatic source points out that these FAB001 trips were made without official registration, violating Bolivian law, either because they transferred Áñez or because they went looking for “something that one does not know.”

At that point appears the Brazilian investigator, Carvalho, for whom it is reasonable to assume that some of those flights were transporting “weapons”. Carvalho adds that although he has no proof, “there are indications of the involvement of the Bolsonaro family in the arms trade.”

“I clearly say that it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the participation of the Brazilian government” in the coup, as was done in Argentina with Macri, concludes Carvalho.

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