WhatsApp is always a source of interesting tricks. The other day we saw that we can change the WhatsApp icon to a blue one to personalize our iPhone a little. And now, we have another with whom send blank messages on whatsapp to our chats and contacts. A little trick that gives enough game.

Send a blank message on WhatsApp for iPhone

you might think that send a blank message on whatsapp it’s nonsense. You just need to press the space key to do it. Very good, try it. When you try it, you will see how the blue arrow that allows us to send a message is not activated. And therefore you cannot send it empty.

When you press the space bar several times, you cannot send the blank message.

However, there is a way to send a blank message on WhatsApp. At least from the iPhone. Consists in fall back to a Unicode symbol, copy and paste it into our conversation. The code is called “Braille Pattern Blank”, something like “empty space pattern for Braille”. You can find it here:

Blank Message

You need a special code to activate the blue WhatsApp arrow.

In this link, you can select the content inside that “little box” and copy it. All you have to do is paste it into a WhatsApp conversation and it will leave a blank space that you can send. You will see how the blue WhatsApp arrow is activated and allows you to send this blank message.

Whatsapp Blank Conversation

In this way, it seems that there is an error when receiving messages on WhatsApp, perfect for a joke.

You may not need to enter the link and just copy the Unicode character directly. You have it here, between the parentheses (⠀), select it and copy it to take it with you to any WhatsApp chat. You can also copy it from a previous conversation and paste it again.

Changing the WhatsApp icon and making it blue on the iPhone is a simple but effective trick to customize it

You can take advantage of it to know if someone reads you without having to send anything. And of course, use this WhatsApp trick to play a prank. The blank symbol can be pasted multiple times to send longer messages, which you can stack to make it look like you’re saying something. The other person might think that her WhatsApp has a bug and has gone crazy.

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