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The public schools of Lomas de Zamora began a 24 hour stoppage in repudiation of repression that the Buenos Aires Police unleashed yesterday against teachers and students of a teaching staff in the town of Villa Fiorito. Due to the fact, which received widespread condemnation, a teacher was arrested and several protesters were injured with rubber bullets.

The repression occurred yesterday afternoon when part of the educational community of the Higher Institute of Teacher Training (ISFD) 103located in the Villa Urbana neighborhood, moved to the area of ​​Puente La Noria to cut off traffic in claim for safety.

The reasons for the protest

The reason was that last Tuesday a group of teachers and students tried to be assaulted by eight people with weapons who surprised them at the entrance of the institution, during class hours. The students confronted the thieves and captured one of them, while the rest resisted in a hand-to-hand fight during which there was a shot and other triggers that fortunately did not detonate.

It is not the first time that there have been assaults in that place. There were criminals on foot, on motorcycles and even on horses. They steal money, cell phones, motorcycles and bicycles that students leave in the entrance hall of the faculty, one of the busiest in Lomas de Zamora due to its diversity of specializations.

The demands for security were permanent. They even joined others due to continuous electricity and infrastructure problems. But what happened on Tuesday was the trigger for the mobilization to the bridge that connects the province with the Federal Capital and that it is located only four blocks from the institution.

“There were policemen of all colors”

Until then, teachers, students, and members of political and social organizations with flags and chants of “safety/safety” were there until an unusual infantry cordon of the security force that reports to Minister Sergio Berni prevented them from passing through Figueredo and Presidente Perón (former Camino Negro).

“There were policemen of all colors,” described Evelina Naveira, a teacher at the institution. There was an attempt at dialogue but the security force’s refusal was resounding. And at the first struggle between the head of the mobilization and the first line of infantrymen, the shots, tear gas and cane blows.

Several students, teachers and professors were intimidated, beaten, thrown to the ground, injured and detained. “We asked for security and they repressed us”, criticized Liliana, one of the students. Three of them were transferred to the 7th Police Station in Lomas de Zamora, in Villa Centenario, and were released at night.

One of them was the teacher Diego Acunafor whom a group of neighbors and members of ISFD 103 concentrated and maintained a firm vigil in front of the police station.

Baradel: “We repudiate the repression suffered by teachers and students”

The fact received the condemnation of several guilds and educational referents. One of them was the owner of Suteba, Robert Baradelwho last night repudiated the facts and demanded the release of those who had been detained until then.

“We repudiate the repression suffered by teachers and students of the Higher Teacher Training Institute No. 103 of Villa Fiorito, in Lomas de Zamora, by the Buenos Aires police and we demand the immediate release of those detained,” he wrote on Twitter.

Later, the union issued a statement in which he supported the claim and blamed the Buenos Aires Police for the violence.

Despite the forceful measure decided by teachers to stop in all public schools, the educational community of the Higher Institute of Teacher Training moved again this morning to the teaching staff, which woke up guarded by different members of the security forces.

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