In a world where our Internet activity is increasingly controlled by cookies and other tracking techniques, users seek to be less controlled, one option for this is Google Chrome’s incognito mode, today we are going to explain what it is and how it works .

Google is one of the most widely used web browsers in the world, whether personal or professional, and on many occasions several people can use the same account because they share a device. In order for the searches of some users not to interfere with those of others, the company decided to extend the incognito mode so that a computer could be shared without accumulating cookies from others.

What is incognito mode

Incognito mode is a private browser that hides your internet activitywhat makes it private is that it does not collect cookies, site data or web history of the sites you visit, eliminating any type of trace.

If its initial utility was to improve the experience when sharing a computer, its developers discovered that browsing activity could also be hidden. This can be very useful when you browse, but you don’t want to be recognized, an example of a use that you can give it is when you want to make a surprise gift and you don’t want ads or recommendations similar to what you were looking for to appear.

But this does not mean that what you do on the Internet is invisible, but rather that your browsing becomes anonymous. This means that the person or institution that manages your network and the search engines themselves do have access to what you are doing, however, your username will not appear to them as such, but rather they will be able to see your IP address or your identity if you log in to any website.

How to activate incognito mode

Activating this mode is very simple, and you can do it when you are browsing Google Chrome from your computer, your Android smartphone or from your iPhone or iPad device.

In the event that you want to do it from your computer’s browser, and click on the emoticon of the three vertical points that is located in the upper right part of the page, when you click on it, you should look for the third available option called New window. incognito, once here a new dark tab will appear and you can search for whatever you want anonymously. This mode can also be activated with the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N.

In the event that we are going to connect from an Android phone, the process is the same. First we will enter the Google Chrome search engine, we will look for the emoticon of the three vertical points in the upper right part of the screen and press the second option New incognito tab.

Finally, to connect from an iOS device, the process is almost identical, the only thing that changes is that the emoticon that you have to look for in the upper right is three horizontal dots, the rest is the same.

Navigations in incognito mode make the tabs they are in dark modeso if you have tried to activate anonymous browsing but your browser remains the same, you have done something wrong.

It should be noted that Google is not the only browser with incognito mode, since both Microsoft with its “InPrivate” and Firefox and Safari with its “private browsing” also have this option.

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