The ITV is a mandatory test that certifies that your vehicle is roadworthy. If you have an accident without passing the ITV, do they blame you? Let’s see it.

Many people see the ITV as another tax. But the reality is that saves lives, and reduces traffic accidents. According to Guillermo Magaz, managing director of AECA ITV, “it prevents 539 fatalities, close to 12,100 injuries of various kinds and 17,700 traffic accidents. In addition, it allows minimizing the environmental impact of means of transport”.

It is possible that due to carelessness, because you have not taken the time, or simply because you refuse to pass the vehicle test, suffer an accident without the papers of the ITV in order. Then the doubts arise: do they put all the blame on me even if I don’t have it? Does insurance cover it?

Our colleague Enrique Trillo from Top Gear has been investigating the subject, so let’s see what his conclusions are.

First of all, when an accident occurs we must determine who is to blame. This is important, even more than the ITV.

The good news is that in a state of law they cannot blame you if you do not have it, so if the accident was not caused by you, it is a higher charge than the ITV papers themselves.

Accident without ITV, and without being to blame

As TopGear explains, if the accident is not your fault, most insurances maintain the right to be compensated. So they will repair the damage to the car, and to the possible companions. And you have the right to any extra compensation that corresponds.

But hey, what some policy could have some exception if the car does not have all the papers in order. In addition, even if you receive compensation due to the accident, your own insurer could refuse to pay your coverage for legal defense.

Accident without ITV, and you are guilty

Things get bad if the culprit of the accident is you. The insurer will pay all the expenses to the other driver applying her civil responsibility … but will bill you.

Here it is important to know if the accident was caused by human or mechanical failure. In the latter case, by not having the ITV, the insurance will not assume the payment of the injuries. And only if the type of insurance is comprehensive, the damage to the car would be covered. Without forgetting that the company could not compensate the occupants, both of the vehicle itself, and of the opposing party.

What is clear is that insurers are going to look for any loophole, and if they are involved in the accident any minimal mechanical cause or the use of the carWithout the ITV papers, all the blame (and expenses) will fall on you.

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