Women also have a “morning wood”

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A typical male phenomenon, the good old morning latte. Or not? Apparently there is something like that for women too. Just the vagina equivalent. But what exactly does that mean?

by Linda Berger

…and the marmot says hello every day. At least that’s how it is for many men who wake up in the morning with an erection. And they don’t even have to give sex a thought for that. Morning wood is often just an inevitable part of the sleep cycle. But what about us women? Do we also have something like a morning latte? The answer is: Yes, we have!

Wet dreams or what’s going on down there?

The vagina also responds to our sleep cycle. During the REM phase, blood flow can increase in the genital area. And like the penis, it’s erectile tissue, except it’s not that obvious. in addition, the clitoris is much larger than what we can see from the outside. Accordingly, when something swells inside of us, of course, one does not see it. Basically, what happens during the REM phase is exactly what happens when we are sexually aroused: Oxygen-rich blood is pumped into the genital tissues, which causes not only the clitoris but also the labia to become larger and redder and the vagina to become redder wet.

Swing into the box: Morning sex is healthy!

Of course, that doesn’t mean we have one wet dream after another during REM periods. We don’t have to be sexually aroused for our pubic area to swell. Of course, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of using both the male and female morning latte for a quickie or the more extended version. After all, morning sex is very healthy, increases productivity, gets the circulation going and is even said to have an anti-inflammatory effect. At the same time, we are deeply relaxed and rested in the morning. So there are no more excuses!


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