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Australia.- Believe it or not! A man starred a pitched battle against a crocodile out of his mind and ended up hitting the huge animal hard on the head to knock it out of the play.

It was on social networks where the video of the event that occurred in Australia It spread and, as expected, it went viral since it is not every day that you see someone fighting with a kitchen utensil against a reptile.

It was said that the crocodile that the lucky man fought was about 2.5 meters long, which received two strong blows to the nosewhich is why the huge animal decided to return to the water.

“I wouldn’t say it’s an everyday event, but I had to stay safe and did what I could,” he said. Kai Hansen.

The man reported that the battle against the crocodile began when the reptile got too close to the people who were in the place and, feeling threatened, began to adopt an aggressive attitude.

However, Hansen knew how to act in this type of situation, since previously, in 2018his dog was threatened by a crocodile and, on that occasion, he also had to scare it away so that it would not end up eating his pet.

Despite the fact that many people can feel greatly distressed when facing an animal as large as an adult crocodile, which is also threatening with its enormous teeth, Kai said that he is not afraid of them, since it is very unlikely that running into these reptiles will end in the death of the personalthough there are chances that it will end up happening.

Fortunately, this time the encounter and the battle against the 2.5 meter specimen It ended in laughter and went viral, in addition Kai Hansen earned the recognition of social network users, although there were those who considered that it was unnecessary for him to take risks in this way.

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It should be noted that it is common for this type of situation to occur in Australia, since wildlife is very pronounced.

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