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Farewell semi-finals!

Austria’s U19 national team also lost the second game of Group B at the European Championships in Slovakia. After the 0:2 against England at the start, the ÖFB selection was also in the 2:4 against Israel for long stretches of the game in a lost position (match report >>>).

This means that the team of team boss Martin Scherb no longer has a chance of participating in the semi-finals after two matchdays and is eliminated after the group phase. The remaining ÖFB goal is now the playoff of the two third parties in the group for a starting place at the U20 World Cup 2023 in Indonesia. For this, Serbia has to face England (LIVE Ticker) and Austria lose against the Serbs on the last day of the game (Saturday, 20:00 in the LIVE Ticker) to win.

After the early group exit, Scherb made no secret of the fact that the 4-2 defeat against the Israelis, who were better organized in terms of play, was justified. Nevertheless, he saw more in the Austrian junior squad than the result might suggest at first glance.

“When we were ready from the 65th minute, we were really good in the game. And if Jakob Knollmüller had made it 3-4 in the 78th minute, we wouldn’t have lost the game 100 percent,” he explained to the “ORF”.

“beat it up themselves”

The Lower Austrian analyzes the course of the game in a nutshell: “We brought the intensity onto the pitch far too late. Despite tactical changes, we didn’t succeed in disrupting Israel’s rhythm. We basically messed up the game ourselves.”

Despite the double strike from Israel’s Ilay Madmon (52′) and Oscar Gloukh (54′), the game “didn’t go well” for Scherb, because the team’s commitment in the final phase gave them “great opportunities” for the 3-4 goal had.

Because the Austrian offspring were too disorganized and Israel acted much more coordinated, Scherb praised the opponent for his work: “We weren’t surprised by Israel. It happened exactly what we knew We didn’t succeed, they kept throwing us out of position with their rotations. We defended too poorly on the counterattack, even when we lost the ball. That was the reason for the first four goals today.”

The national coach didn’t want to harp on about the defeat any longer, after all the U19 national team had “had other bad games” in his era. Nevertheless, the defeat weighed heavily, because the public has been watching the youngsters since qualifying, which is why expectations increased.

Scherb takes the blame

Scherb praised the team for the fight to the end, but knew that it should have started earlier: “I was a bit unhappy with the short stoppage time because I think it should have been in double digits. That’s why I did too unfortunately received a yellow card. But if we scored a goal between the 85th and 90th minute, then it would have been really hot again. The team really believed in themselves after the 2-4 draw, but it was too late.”

“It’s very bitter, it’s our own fault. Nobody but us is responsible for the fact that we’ve lost two games. As a coach, it’s mainly my job and responsibility to prepare the players properly and line them up properly,” answers the St. Pöltner the question of guilt.

However, he knows that despite the EM-Aus at least one game still has to be played. Scherb emphasized: “Now it’s time to take a deep breath, we don’t need to analyze too much. There will be an analysis day and then we’ll see what the starting position is. That’s how we prepare for Serbia”, and promises: “We will be like this from the start play, like today from the 65th minute.”

Captain Omic: “No one gives up”

Captain Ervin Omic was also anything but pleased with the behavior on the pitch: “We just slept in too many scenes. I have no explanation why that happened, but unfortunately it happened to us today. The double whammy after the break was not so easy to put down mentally.”

“Now we have to show character and stand up. We’ll talk a lot internally as a team. It hurts a lot that we missed the semifinals, we have to digest that. But we’re not giving up, we really want the World Cup ticket. For this one Dream we will do everything”, the “homecomer” (MORE >>>) makes clear and indicates improvement against Serbia.

Omic teammate Leopold Querfeld, who unluckily conceded the penalty in the 52nd minute, added that “of course the disappointment was very great”. After all, the Scherb selection had “a lot planned and really wanted to make it to the semi-finals”.

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