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Andalusia was the proof I needed Alberto Nunez Feijoo. What happened in the elections of 19-J is already being used by the strategists of the Popular Party as a kind of Ohio on which to build the strategy that will take them to Moncloa.

Every time the polls open, Ciudadanos falls apart. But the Galician leader knows that he needs both that liberal voter who has traveled to abstention and the one who remains faithful to the oranges, despite the fact that he does not translate into seats.

Hence, the national leadership of the PP, according to the sources consulted by this newspaper, is already working on a proposal to integrate those from Ines Arrimadas “in search of a big center-right winning project”.

The first step is to keep members of Ciudadanos who were already part of the coalition in the government of the Junta. In fact, Moreno offered Arrimadas to grant the orange directors exit positions on the PP lists in exchange for Cs not showing up.

But this will not be an operation similar to the one orchestrated by Teodoro García Egea in the previous stage. Feijóo does not seek to laminate Citizens through the signing of territorial positions, but rather to reach out and “integrate the project.” In other words: there will not be a hostile takeover bid promoted by Genoa behind Arrimadas’s back.

The objective is to seduce the Liberals and make them see that, with their brand damaged beyond repair, they could lead, from within the PP, the creation of the “great common house”. One similar to the one he started building Jose Maria Aznar in 1996 and which culminated in the absolute majority in 2000.

In addition, the difference compared to a few months ago lies in the desperation that reigns within Citizens. For the first time since he became president of the party, Arrimadas has spoken of a “burnt” brand and a party incapable of “reconnecting.”

[Arrimadas pedirá a los militantes de Cs que “refrenden” su presidencia en “un proceso abierto”]

What about all those voters who want low taxes, but are in favor of abortion or euthanasia? That is, in short, the question that worries those of Feijóo. The question on which Albert Rivera cemented its bag of 57 seats.

Until the birth of Ciudadanos and Vox, the Popular Party had been suffering from these dissensions around these social issues. But the liberals, embodied for example in Cayetana Alvarez de Toledobelonged to the PP.

The arrival of Mariano Rajoy blew the acronyms up in the air. In 2008, when he was up for re-election, he said: “Whoever wants to go to the Liberal Party or the Conservative Party, let him go.” Ciudadanos and Vox would end up being born. And indeed, many left. Millions of voters and notable positions.

Feijóo has just found a model in Andalusia that resembles, in a certain way, the one he promoted in Galicia. Moreno Bonilla has absorbed Ciudadanos and has stolen, according to data from SocioMétrica, up to 115,000 voters to the PSOE. He has done so after governing with liberal economic policies, a moderate discourse and a desire to get away from the shrillness.

An integration like the one that Feijóo will propose to Arrimadas is not easy. First, because the current orange leadership has already said that he will die with his boots on. the sherry, Edmund Ball either Begona Villacis they have greatly fed the newspaper library of “we will never be in the PP”.

And second, because of programmatic differences. Added to the liberal-conservative axis is the belief in Ciudadanos that Feijóo has practiced policies close to nationalism in Galicia.

[Ciudadanos no sale de su agonía y deja a Inés Arrimadas al borde del precipicio]

However, the history of Democracy has left plenty of examples that these currents can survive in broad parties. There is the Socialist Left of Paul Castilian in the PSOE or the anti-capitalists of Miguel Urban in we can It is true that both factions ended up separating from their respective organizations. Although on the right, these coexistences did not usually lead to a break. The PP survived, conservative and liberal at the same time, from the early 1990s until 2008.

Citizens have increasingly difficult to defend themselves. Both from hostile takeovers and outstretched hands. Arrimadas has said that he will make his position available to the militancy, but he has not even decided how.

The orange national leadership is convinced that there is a liberal space, a bag of voters that can always correspond to between ten and twenty seats. In the PP they think the same, but they want that bag to have the color blue.

The departure of Teodoro García Egea greatly improved relations between the two parties. Now, Feijóo, helped by Elijah Bendodo, will think about the offer. The Malaga, general coordinator of the PP, will play an important role. It was at all times the link between Moreno and Marín while the Andalusian coalition lasted.

Bendodo believes that if 19-J served so that voters did not perceive differences between the PP and Cs in terms of liberalism, he will also be able to achieve it in a general election.

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