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Long before the decision of the Bureau of the Executive Committee of the RFU from the camp of the red and white, there was a rumor about a boycott of the game. Spartak quite logically argued that such matches should be held at the country’s main stadium – that is, at Luzhniki. As is customary in many countries, including England, where the cup finals are always held at Wembley. If Zenit is against Moscow, there are two options on a neutral field – in Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. Spartak hinted that they did not intend to play at the Gazprom Arena.

However, there were rumors about the boycott, there were no official statements from Spartak. But it sharply fueled interest in the match.

And then came into play Zarema Salikhovaspouse Leonid Fedun. And the show around the boycott began to gain new momentum. Zarema subtly joked that Spartak was invited instead of the Hands Up group. The musicians were supposed to perform at Gazprom Arena” on July 9th. Zenit had to resolve the issue of postponing the concert for a week. At the same time, the group’s producer expressed extreme dissatisfaction with this decision: they say that the concert was planned for a long time, and the group’s schedule is very tight.

After a pause, Zarema again performed brightly. Apparently, she or someone else decided that interest in the match was declining. The girl demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the history of football and remembered Lavrenty Beria.

Salikhova expressed confidence that the match should be held on a neutral field. Therefore, the choice of St. Petersburg is a shambles, as young people say.

“All this is reminiscent of 1939, when Beria tried to take the Cup from Spartak and a strange replay was scheduled. Then there was nothing left but to play, and today everyone admits that this is a shameful page in the history of our football. Adepts “come out and fight” what are they trying to achieve? You don’t understand that this story is not about football, which is why the field is not neutral,” wrote Zarema.


Then information appeared from the Mutko Against telegram channel: they say that the epic with the boycott of the match was decided by a call to the owner of the red and white Leonid Fedun. A high-ranking official from the presidential administration of Russia called and convincingly persuaded Leonid Arnoldovich to stop talking about the boycott and go to the Gazprom Arena. There was a call, there was not, but this information also burned interest in the game. If the Old Square was taken care of…

While Zarema took a break, a new wave of interest in the match was raised by the general director of Zenit Alexander Medvedev. He said that the management of Spartak assured him even before the Russian Cup final that they were ready to play in St. Petersburg.

According to Medvedev, before the game at Luzhniki, he was approached by the general directors of Spartak and Dynamo Evgeny Melezhikov and Pavel Pivovarov and assured the leadership of Zenit that they would support the holding of the match for the Super Bowl in St. Petersburg.

It seemed that the curtain would be lowered on this – the topic of the match was closed. But no – Melezhikov did not remain silent. Like, there was no such thing, he didn’t approach anyone, Medvedev is confusing something.

Here the head of “Zenith” connected Tolstoy, the one who was Lev Nikolaevich.

“Melezhikov was at the general meeting of the RPL. The conversation took place when I was there, he and Pivovarov. This was before the Cup final. Why does Evgeny Vladimirovich call it fairy tales? Guess yourself. Evgeny Vladimirovich, respected by me, acted as the hero of Leo Tolstoy’s imperishable story “Bone”: “But I didn’t eat the bone, I threw it out the window,” Medvedev told SE.

It seems that Melezhikov will not keep silent again. Therefore, I appeal to all interested parties: there are still almost three weeks before the game, do not lower the bar. Who hasn’t spoken to us yet? The army of fans of both clubs is huge – artists, singers, public figures, honored football veterans.

In the meantime, there is no doubt that the match for the Super Cup between Zenit and Spartak will definitely take place in any weather at the Gazprom Arena on July 9. I did not have them until the decision of the Bureau of the Executive Committee of the RFU on June 10. Not about the venue, but about the fact that these teams will play. And all these skirmishes in the media are an advertising campaign planned by someone talented to promote the game.

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