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We are moving towards darker times but there may be a bright spot

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We’re going on all the way to darker times. On the same day as the midsummer solstice, the National Institute of Economic Research announced that they expect the Swedish economy to enter a recession this year. It comes on top of the war in Ukraine – no peace in sight – and an increasingly tangible climate crisis, where the French and Spaniards are now crouched in a heat that came too early in the year and that lasts for too long. We have also just experienced a pandemic, which in addition to all the dead revealed large, gaping holes in the welfare fabric, into which the old and the poor fell. This at the same time as we have a parliament completely stuck in a vicious circle of obstruction; the loss of another party has become more important than the gain of its own party. After the holidays, we go into a sharp election campaign.

No, there are not many bright spots right now. But I have come up with one: maybe you can avoid “personal development” as a lifestyle for a while.

It is not wrong to want to come to terms with their shortcomings and I think many would feel better from a little therapy at some point in life. But in recent years, it is as if it has become that man must develop – personal development as a virtue. You have to want to be in every moment his best self.

To be goes to people who basically feel good at retreats, learns to breathe, gets mental coaches, forest baths, balances the chakras, goes to lectures with people who have done mental travel. Let’s talk about Maslows old staircase, I get the image of people standing on the top step and as if stomping air.

None of this is free (except the forest bath, just go out into the woods). I think it’s part of the same economy as my colleague Andreas Cervenka the other day called the “servant economy”. Enough of us have so much money that we can pay people to ride a pad thai for us, order junk from China, pick us up in an Uber – or go to a mansion, practice mindfulness and be tested for if you is a blue person, an owl or an intuitive introvert.

When the recession sweeps in, this is probably the first thing we save on. For bike couriers and Uber drivers, this is really bad news. For the mental coaches too, but something tells me that more of them will land on their feet.

My own experience of “personal development” is that it is something that affects one when the shit hits the fan, when life bursts. Then you usually get a view of your place in life and realize what is really important. It is painful, demands change. The years to come will probably force us to have many good development opportunities – but completely without tips from the coach.

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