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The childhood of Alexander Mokhov was not without moving: from the Vologda region, the family of builders moved to the Amur region, so the future actor went to school in Shimanovsk. The exact sciences of the boy were not carried away, and his discipline was lame. But the young man became seriously interested in performing arts, so at 15 he rushed to Irkutsk to enter the local theater school.

Mokhov managed to graduate from the institution, establish himself in the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk theater and serve in the army before he decided to move to the capital: the actor heard about the recruitment to GITIS in the workshop of Oleg Tabakov. Having successfully passed the entrance examinations, the artist immediately entered the third year of the institute, and after that Oleg Pavlovich took the pupil to the Moscow Theater Studio. Alexander also shone on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov and the St. Petersburg “Alexandrinka”, but when he himself took the director’s chair, he directed Woody Allen’s “Bullets over Broadway” and Nikolai Leskov’s “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District”.

The actor has developed an excellent relationship with colleagues and with a mentor Oleg Tabakov. But was it so successful to communicate with wives, especially in the process of divorce? On June 22, Alexander Mokhov turns 59, and we tell the ups and downs of his personal life.

Criminal past of the family

Mokhova’s mother was an excellent surveyor, who voluntarily went to the construction of the Volga-Baltic Canal, but the actor’s father ended up there under duress: the man served 13 years for complicity in the murder, although he did not touch anyone with his finger, after which he was released to the settlement. Muscovite Maria Semyonovna was not embarrassed by the dark past, so the lovers got married and became the parents of twins – Yura and Zhenya – and Alexander.

The family did not live well, but happily. “Once we accidentally spied how our parents were standing in the garden among sunflowers and kissing. But they are already over 50 years old. They loved each other madly until the very end. My mother died unexpectedly, and 10 days later my father passed away. He could not live without her…” — shared the actor.

Fate did not spoil the brothers of Alexander Mokhov. “Zhenya entered the nautical school in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, came to visit handsome, in a cap and pea coat. But one day he went on leave and got into a fight. We pulled him out of prison, but we didn’t save him from addiction to alcohol … ”the artist confessed.

Yuri was also unlucky: the work of a graduate of the art and graphic department was included in the exposition of the Blagoveshchensk art gallery, in the future he could become a good painter. But one day a man who was previously engaged in martial arts stood up for a friend in a restaurant and received two years in prison for exceeding self-defense. Returning to Shimanovsk, Yuri Mokhov got a job as a drawing teacher. However, it turned out to be impossible to live in an atmosphere of popular condemnation.

“Abandoning everything, he came to Moscow, where I helped him at first. Now my brother lives in Zhukovsky, he has a good family, a beloved wife and daughter. He is an excellent cabinet maker, it seems that he does not carve furniture from wood, but sculpts it from clay, ”said Alexander.

By the way, Mokhov himself almost got involved with crime. In the dashing 90s, he took up a business that seemed legal. The actor was supposed to go to the Czech Republic for a deal, but at the last moment the artistic director Oleg Tabakov forbade him to leave the theater. This saved Alexander’s life: his partners were shot after receiving the money.

A series of partings

During the service, a fellow soldier from Khabarovsk invited Mokhov to visit him for a leave. Among a large company of people, the artist singled out Tatyana, a graduate of the Polytechnic University who worked at the design institute, but despite mutual sympathy, the young people did not dare to take a step forward. After entering GITIS, Alexander found the girl and proposed to her.

After a modest wedding, the family faced an acute factor of disorder, but after graduating from GITIS, Oleg Tabakov helped the student to find a place in the theater hostel. Tatyana did not find a job at Hydroproject, so she eventually became a props agent. Soon, the son Semyon was born to the inseparable spouses, and Tabakov urged them to be given two rooms in a communal apartment.

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Meanwhile, Mokhov’s film career developed in parallel with the theater: he got the role of a prisoner in Lawlessness, an officer in The Barber of Siberia, and Sorokin in Gray Wolves. For the period when the actor became famous in “Men’s Work” and the TV series “Two Fates”, there was a crisis in family life.

The actor explained that the problems were ripe back in the 90s, when domestic troubles forced the spouses to quarrel. After another scandal, Mokhov flared up and moved out from his wife. She was ready to take Alexander back, but only on tour of the theater in Perm, the artist became close to his young colleague Daria Kalmykova.

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“I think the fact that my first marriage broke up is 90 percent my fault. I had a green serpent period. I was brought up in such a way that the family, the house is everything, ”Alexander reasoned in the YouTube show“ Honest Divorce ”.

The romance with Kalmykova ended with a wedding, but soon after the celebration, Mokhov began to understand what different people they were. The birth of Makar’s son did not save the fragile relationship: 10 years later, the marriage broke up. “Unfortunately, I stopped enduring her character, I myself did not restrain myself. We fought a lot, and this began to affect Makarka. There was always a reason. Family life has turned into a theatrical process, and this is a clash of two atmospheres, where someone has to devour someone, ”the actor concluded.

young singer

Alexander did not hide the fact that during the first two marriages he allowed himself to “walk”, only in the last union having come to the idea of ​​fidelity. Nevertheless, the artist managed to maintain a warm relationship with his ex-wives. In addition, according to the star, after the divorce, he left all the property to the ex-spouses and children.

“Somehow I caught myself thinking that at the age of 50 I became a homeless person,” Mokhov admitted. – I rented a one-room apartment, which I called a storage room. And suddenly he thought: “God forbid I get sick, something will happen. Where should I live?

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The loneliness of the star of the paintings “While the Village is Sleeping” and “Love by Order” did not threaten: during the tests, he met the actress and singer Irina Ogorodnik. A girl 28 years younger charmed Mokhov with her calmness, wisdom and self-sufficiency. A year later, Alexander invited the artist to go with him to Moscow and get married.

The artist gets along well with all the sons

The artist gets along well with all the sons

“I like her core, strength, even uncompromisingness in some fundamental issues,” the actor reasoned. – She can then say: “Yes, I was wrong.” Ira made me easygoing too. My zodiac sign is Cancer. It’s easy for me to climb into a hole, close, send the whole world away. And now – no, she taught me to avoid it. Often she takes the first step herself, and I feel ashamed: I am an adult man with such experience, I behave like a kid! Well, after that, how not to love, not to respect even more.

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The third wife turned the artist into an exemplary family man and gave him the most expensive gift – she gave birth to a son, Matvey. In addition, Irina got along well with Semyon and Makar and conquered all Mokhov’s friends and acquaintances with hospitality, openness and responsiveness. However, Alexander Mokhov himself also loved to help people.

Support for Zudina and rescue of Ryazanova

Someone might think that the acting world is fraught with intrigue and envy, but sincere friendship is also found here. So, Alexander Mokhov openly stood up for Marina Zudina, who has been failing in her career since the death of Oleg Tabakov.

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“I will quote Oleg Pavlovich: “People, especially our colleagues, do not forgive success.” Thanks to Tabakov, Marina was behind a powerful back and played many roles. I’ve seen obscene articles about her. One thing infuriated me: why didn’t colleagues say something about Marina when Oleg Pavlovich was alive? And now they started to bark. What is courage? How? What for? I watch how Marina takes a hit without pouring mud on anyone, ”Mokhov reasoned in the program“ The Fate of a Man ”with Boris Korchevnikov on the Russia 1 channel.

The actor played a special role in the life of Raisa Ryazanova. On January 22, 2020, the artist’s son died unexpectedly, and given that Danila Perov never complained to his mother about his health, the news was a blow to Raisa Ivanovna. In a difficult moment, it was Alexander Mokhov who took care of his colleague.

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“Sasha almost took me by the scruff of the neck and said: “Get dressed, let’s go to my place … Get dressed, don’t talk.” And all – took away! I lived with him for a month. I don’t know if this is guardianship or something else, ”Ryazanova admitted in the Hello, Andrey! program. channel “Russia 1”.

Mokhov modestly noted that he was glad to shelter a friend, especially since she repaid him with kindness for kindness. “During this time, Raisa Ivanovna dug up a garden, weeded all the beds …” – Alexander said about the help of the actress with the housework.

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