The former general secretary of the Popular Party, Teodoro Garcia Egea, has reappeared today in Valladolid to participate in a technology summit. The one who was the right hand of Paul Married has made his first speech since he left the secretariat last February to talk about cryptocurrencies. Yes, of the already famous coins, and an area that he knows perfectly because it is where he developed his professional activity before being appointed to his position in the PP. Of course, the deputy for Murcia did not want to make any statement about the current situation of the party, with Nunez Feijoo in command, nor the government crisis that is being experienced. Not even in his conference on cryptocurrencies has he made a ‘wink’ to his past. He has only advanced that he stopped being a programmer “And now I’m back because it’s my passion.”

under the title of ‘cryptocurrencies and Geopolitics: keys to understanding the world to come’, The Murcian has made a one-hour presentation at the Valladolid fair. In the Collaborate Summer’22 poster, he was put in charge of Keynote Speaker and he has talked in an entertaining and clear way (and with many questions from the attendees) about the revolution that the technology industry is going to undergo now that crypto-asset transfers can already be made without intermediaries.

“The first time I heard of García Egea it was not because of his facet as a politician, it was as a lover of technology, an expert and as one of the great people destined to develop the great challenges of this country”, this is how the Murcian was presented by presenter Sergio Martin who made it clear that “Today there was no talk of politics” that he is a doctor of engineering with projects in the international arena and that a few months ago he was in charge of directing the decisions of the PP.

Egea before starting the conference

The start of his speech was to praise Valladolid as the “city of technology” and to extol the figure of Jose Vicente de los Mozos, president of Renault. “Cryptocurrencies have come to change the world,” snapped the ‘popular’, who has defined himself neither as a “cryptohater nor cryptolover”. That is, neither hater nor lover of this virtual currency. However, he has warned that it is time to invest in this sector. “It’s like we’re in the Steve Jobs Garage right at the time of launching Apple and we could invest.

What’s behind

What is behind cryptocurrencies? he has asked himself, “because there are many things behind it, it depends on the asset in question. What there is is a network of incentives and very clear rules on which this means of payment is based “and he has recalled that throughout history there can only be 21 million in the market, “because that’s how it was set “. “Since the birth of virtual currency anyone puts a version of bitcoin up and running, because everything that happens is open world.”

In addition, he has commented that the world is moving towards crypto nations, “given the proliferation of networks and crypto assets that will make many compete with each other to attract investment.” Finally, he has recommended those present in the room to “operate” with their cryptocurrencies.

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