Of course, the multiplication by ten of the number of deputies of the National Association in the Assembly is the real catastrophe. The rise of rancid France. The victory of the France that does not love France.

Mélenchon, leader of La Francia Insumisa, surrounded by other deputies from his party.


The entrance in the Assembly of the party that, when Sarkozy stopped the bloodbath in Benghazi; when fabius threatened the butcher Bashar Al-Assad, who had become an enemy of France; when Hollande tried to contain terrorism in the Sahel or canceled the sale of the Mistral submarines to Russia, which today could have caused the destruction of a city like Odessa, a city closely linked to French memory; to day what Macron it resists against Russia and considers that we are honored to be on the side of the Ukrainian martyrs; that presence of the National Association in the Assembly is, therefore, the entry into force of the party that opposes and rages, that systematically closes ranks with the enemies of France.

The time has come for factious and racist France.

It’s revenge not Dreyfus versus maurrasbut of Maurras against Dreyfus.

This is France subsidized by Putinunable to campaign without money from Russian banks.

It is the France that will do everything possible in the saints of the country, where it now has a prominent presence, to weaken the Republic, to make it an inhospitable place for exiles, to prohibit women from wearing headscarves and men from wearing kippahs. .

It is the triumph of the worst that our nation has.


The other catastrophe is what the left has become, and manifestly so.

We could say that, at the end of the 20th century, a revolution was seen. Was it the posthumous triumph of Camus? Of the last Sartre? The voice finally heard about “socialism or barbarism” and Claude Lefort? The lesson of the Russian dissidents? Of Foucault? That of the new philosophy that we propose with Andre Glucksmann And some others?

The fact is that at that time we managed, in the face of Tocquevillian pessimism, to think together about freedom and equality. In the face of Marxist suspicion, articulate a philosophy of human rights that was not a ruse of the history of the oppressors. And in the face of the specular games of red-brown fascism, making the left rhyme with the Republic, the spirit of resistance, universalism, humanism.

With the takeover bid melenchonall that work is what is questioned.

[Mélenchon presentará una moción de censura contra Emmanuel Macron el próximo 5 de julio]

With its powerful dredger, on the eve of the second round, the slogan “fachas no enfadados”, the red-brown axis is the one that quietly puts itself back in its place.

With their candidates who, like Clementine AutainThey do not see any problem in going with an Islamist; Daniele Obono Y Danielle Simonnet honored by the support given to them by the English anti-Semite Jeremy Corbynand with his own statements, with him, Mélenchon, giving support to the demonstrators who attack synagogues with sticks and concrete blocks, what returns is the worst of Guesdism.

And I only mention it so that it is not forgotten, but Mélenchon does not miss an opportunity, every time a rebellious people faces a dictatorship, a real one, to come out in support of the dictatorship and subjugate that rebellious people. Putin, instead of Navalni. The aspiration to democracy in Syria reduced to a mere question of oil and gas. The struggle of the Ukrainians, turned into an imperialist plot. And instead of supporting human rights activists in Latin America, odes to the dictatorships of Chavez Y Castro.

what a delay What a pity.


Then, does this mean, as is being heard everywhere, that we will have an elected but repudiated president, incapable of governing and condemned, for five years, to act by inertia?

The risk is there, no doubt.

But I just can’t see it clearly.

Because the art of governmentality, to use Michel Foucault’s words again, has many hidden twists.

And the Constitution of the Fifth Republic, in its inexhaustible wisdom and technicality, had already contemplated this situation.

The president still has recourse to referendums, the dissolution of the Chamber, decree laws and article 49.3, which provides for measures similar to that of the decree.

There are still the majority of ideas, which I wanted so much Edgar Faurewho can see the prime minister constitute, case by case, circumstantial coalitions, that is, of passions, interests or even of thought.

It still remains that this permanent (or pearly) coalition will have to redefine the political field at all times, draw the main lines day after day and, one and the other, be daily witnesses of this new actor that has appeared (and go! difference with respect to the Fourth Republic!): the people gathered tirelessly from the democracies of Opinion.

And that is not to mention an authentic political pact that can unite the Macronists, in a government of public salvation, with the dozens of principled Republicans who have not given in to the siren songs of Lepenism, and with the upright Social Democrats and environmentalists. who reject the Doriotist temptation of Mélenchon.

From the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle until the life of the spirit of Hannah Arendtthere is a whole philosophical tradition that equates the politician with a poet, an artist, a dancer, a pianist, a virtuoso.

That virtuosity is what we need.

That political art is what we urgently need to recover. And Emmanuel Macron has to interpret that score.

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