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Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- With the firm objective of generating in the municipality a inclusive societymunicipal authorities and representatives of the LGBT+ communitymade the color painting of the crossing of love in one of the busiest cruises in the city of Escuinapa, Sinaloa.

Gabriel Leyva and Miguel Hidalgo streets is the first crossing in which this activity is carried out, within the week dedicated to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The municipal president, Blanca Estela García Sánchez; Marthell Barrón Figueroa, member of the LGBTy+ community; municipal officials and merchants who donated the paints with which this rainbow of colors was captured.

“I think we are making progress, we have a very good week of activities, the LGBTy+ community joins the government of Blanquita, who has supported us 100 percent to carry out these activities whose main objective is to generate an inclusive society,” said Barrón. Figueroa.

He stressed that for the LGBT community it represents a big step, since many of those who are part of this community have to emigrate to other cities to develop and not be judged, so they are included in a society where their rights are respected. to exercise a free sexuality is an achievement worth celebrating.

“For me personally, the fact that we are given the opportunity to hold these events means a lot, because I have grown a lot from A to Z, but outside my municipality and today in Escuinapa they are giving us the opportunity to be visible, and this It makes me feel very happy because they give us the opportunity to grow together with the people I love”, expressed Marthell Barrón.
He commented that starting to work hand in hand with the government gives them the opportunity to offer the new generations a new environment for their development within the Escuinapense society and that they do not suffer what they had to live.

Reyes Karina Castañeda Rodríguez, director of the Municipal Institute for Women, commented that the week of activities begins with the appearance of the crossroads of love, in which the municipal government and the LGBTy+ community participated.

They joined the Red Cross boating and next Friday at 4:00 p.m. Diago Ventura will visit the municipality, to recount part of his life, being one of the promoters of the law for gender change and same-sex marriage.

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And they end with the closing of the march that will go through the main streets of the city, will start from the general hospital and will end outside the Casa de la Cultura, where the coronation of the gay king 2022 will take place.

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