You are currently viewing Dortmund: Expert warns of a major plague!  It could affect many people

Dortmund: Expert warns of a major plague! It could affect many people

This is how you protect your dog from the summer heat

This is how you protect your dog from the summer heat

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The onset of summer has people in Dortmund Made you want more – want more sun, want more summer!

But according to an expert, a plague could spoil the summer of 2022. The residents were in Dortmund largely spared for three years.

Dortmund: THEY come in droves

When it gets dark in the evening, we have already made ourselves comfortable on the sofa and only the candlelight shines, they slowly come: mosquitoes. A buzzing that gets louder and louder is usually the harbinger before they start to sting. Pests that leave behind us red, unpleasant and, above all, itchy spots as a memory.


This is the city of Dortmund:

  • was first mentioned in writing in 880 (as ‘Throtmanni’)
  • has 588,250 inhabitants (as of December 2019), making it the ninth largest city in Germany
  • the largest city in the Ruhr area in terms of area and population
  • the Signal-Iduna-Park (home stadium of Borussia Dortmund) is the largest football stadium in Germany with over 81,000 seats
  • other sights: Westfalenpark, Dortmunder U, German Football Museum
  • Mayor is Thomas Westphal (SPD)


And this summer of all times, they should come in droves. “We’re getting a mosquito plague this year. You can see the larvae in the ponds,” Ralf Schmidt told the “Ruhr Nachrichten” ugly prognosis. The beekeeper is actually an expert on bees and wasps. But other insects such as mosquitoes do not escape his knowledge either.

Dortmund: Heat wave ideal for mosquitoes – you can do THAT

The weather in the past two weeks has not only pleased the people. The summer temperatures were also ideal for the mosquitoes. They usually feel most comfortable in puddles, lakes and ponds. But the water point right around the corner can also become a cozy home for mosquitoes.

Flower pot saucers or watering cans filled with water would invite the little tormentors to live in them. In the case of bio bins, there is a helpful bacterium to buy against mosquitoes in the garden center. If you don’t want to be plagued by mosquitoes every night, you should remove all water points around the house.

Dortmund: be careful! Mosquitoes can bring diseases with them

As the expert reveals to the “Ruhr Nachrichten”, the development is also questionable. Because due to climate change, other mosquito species would also come to Germany. Those that can also transmit dangerous diseases.


More reports from Dortmund:


In the so-called “Mosquito Atlas” you can look up which type of mosquito is buzzing around where. Anyone can send in mosquitoes they have caught at the Leibniz Center for Agricultural Research. They will then be examined more closely. (cg)

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