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Recently, the Polish Internet has circulated the intimate confession of Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska, who decided to speak frankly about the light and shadow of motherhood. “Sometimes there are times when I feel completely helpless and exhausted” – wrote the actress, privately mother of two. She was echoed by other mothers who also disagree with the “Instagram” narrative on the subject. Now Anna Czartoryska, also an actress and mother of four children, has joined them.

Her post touched internet users.

Anna Czartoryska on motherhood: “In bad weather, this station seems to be the only attraction in the city”

“Scrolling Instagram on maternity leave is like sitting at a train station in a small town” – Czartoryska begins – “where friends wave from the windows of passing long-distance trains tagged #secretproject and #ilovemyjob to exotic resorts and global metropolises” – he adds.

“There is nature around, the smile of a beloved child, long walks, but sometimes, in bad weather, this station seems to be the only attraction in the city” – he notes.

The actress appeals: “If you have any young mothers around you, call us”

She also called for supporting young mothers who are just finding themselves in this new and extremely demanding role:

“So if you have any young mothers around you, call us, ask if everything is okay, take them out for a coffee, a walk, hold the baby boy so that they can eat their dinner while it is warm” – describes the actress. “Take a good photo of them, bring a little something for them only, let them feel that their train has not left, because there will be plenty of them, to new and beautiful places” – he emphasizes.

“For now, let this ignition switch be a place full of good, warmth and love” – ​​ends his entry, supplementing it with smiling emojis.

Aleksandra Domańska: “I am Ariel’s mother, […] seeking woman ”

Anna Czartoryska’s post was met, among others, by with the reaction of the already mentioned Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska, as well as Aleksandra Domańska – mother of Ariel, who recently told about her decision to give the child a gender-neutral name.

“Hello. My name is Aleksandra. I am Ariel’s mother. An artist of the heart. A woman searching, trying, experiencing, making mistakes. I am. I breathe. I change.

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Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka – family life

As viewers, we know her, among others from her TV roles: Paula in the series “Dom nad rozlewowisko”, Xeni in “Szpilki na Giewontcie”, or Magda in “Mouth lips”. The 38-year-old actress and her husband – Michał Niemczycki – are raising four children: Ksawery, Janina, Antoni and the youngest Stefan, who was born in April 2022. On the occasion of this year’s Mother’s Day, the actress raised the theme of returning “to form” after pregnancy and puerperium :

“Oh, it tempts to get impatient, to wonder if it will come back to how it was, to pinch, pull, rush, measure, compare and be ashamed. I take a deep breath. How much we expect from our (and others’) bodies that they carry, they give birth, feed, do not sleep, and we ask about the form, not about health, about the stomach, not about the head “- she shared her observations

“Everything in good time! Let us take care of ourselves, remembering the path we have gone through, and let us take a break from time to time” – she encouraged, while expressing wishes to other mothers.

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