He is a mathematician. When a political brand is strong at the national level, it has a positive impact on any electoral process. Also in the municipal ones, even if they are some very special elections because people vote more. The same happens in reverse.

After the debacle of the PSOE harvested last 19-J with the worst results in the history of the party and the absolute majority of the PP with Juanma Moreno, the Socialists are already focused on the next appointment with the polls. will be the last weekend of May 2023.

In eleven months everything can happen in politics, but the alarms have already been set off. “Between 60% and 70% of Andalusian mayors do not want Pedro Sánchez or Juan Espadas“in their municipalities in the face of the municipal elections, as socialist sources of all solvency have confirmed to EL ESPAÑOL.

In general, they fear that the country’s economic crisis could influence the vote of their neighbors due to the rise in inflation and, in particular, due to its political situation at the national level. Hence, these mayors, if they can, even they will hide the acronyms and will make a more personalized campaign, as Juanma Moreno has done. “Everyone is scared”, they assure, because the 19-J has been “a very big tsunami“.

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They don’t want the same thing to happen to them as to Swords. Sánchez has turned to the Andalusian elections and he has visited the community on several occasions to support his candidate accompanied by all his ministers.

However, compared to the last municipal elections of 2019, when the Mayor of the Sevillian capital won, the socialist candidate has dropped 15 points. On those dates, he obtained 39% of the total and last Sunday 24%. He has lost 42,000 votes.

A political turn

The sources consulted insist that if there is not a profound political shift, which must begin in Moncloa, “with ministers to come, confront and explain“, they already anticipate that the expansive wave of the regional ones will reach the municipal ones.

And from there, “to the councils.” These are the bastions of Andalusian socialism: six of the eight are in socialist hands, except those in Malaga and Almeria. In total, the PSOE governs more than 60% of Andalusian municipalities and has more than 800 village housesa great weapon when it comes to mobilizing that failed last Sunday.

However, all the blame is not attributed to Juan Espadas, but also to the country’s economic situation and the measures taken by the central government.

Although the data cannot be extrapolated as is, a sector of the Andalusian PSOE does admit that the victory with an absolute majority that Moreno has won can even influence the vote in the big cities, including in Dos Hermanas. It is the quintessential socialist fief where only the PSOE has governed for the last 40 years.

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insufficient explanations

In his explanations about the citizens’ loss of confidence in his party, the socialist candidate has recognized that they have not managed to mobilize the electorate and that the Andalusians have paid with him their “anger” for the rise in prices. This is what they want to avoid.

He also blames it “to the mental block” in which his party entered after 37 years of socialist government and after a short time he has had to make himself known to all Andalusians after winning the primaries against Susana Díaz with 55% of the votes.

The Andalusian PSOE candidate, Juan Espadas, and the former president of the Junta Susana Díaz on the day the primaries were held.


The former president of the Board herself has been very concise regarding the assessment of the results of 19J: “My party and my land hurts me“. Díaz has not participated in any electoral act with the aim, according to Espadas, of do not confuse the electorate.

In an interview granted to this medium during the campaign, the socialist leader assured that both he and Díaz had done an important task to sew the party after those primaries. However, it seems that this result has reopened cracks and several critics have already come out asking for further reflection. Also at the national level.

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doWho is going to take responsibility for the worst results in history? Pedro Sanchez and Juan Espadas will they self-criticize and recognize that they have made the PSOE of Andalusia fail? We can still get worse. The government of our municipalities is at stake, in 2023″, assures on his Twitter account the former deputy for Córdoba Jesus Maria Ruiz.

The one who was coordinator of the Diaz candidacy team, Carmelo Gomez, has also spoken on this social network. Specifically, he has asked for responsibilities because he believes that “hereality is what it is. What began as an operation to govern ends up losing 130,000 votes compared to 2018, and the loss of two deputies. You want to justify what you want: a disaster. It is necessary to reflect.”

However, socialists closer to Espadas believe that with Susana Díaz the result could have been even worse and that in the next eleven months “in politics anything can happen”.

The atmosphere that exists in the PP is quite the opposite. They have won in towns where they still do not have candidates for the next municipal elections. From the Andalusian PP, however, they believe that the victory of Juanma Moreno will make many applicants take the step to continue dyeing city halls blue.

In fact, the aforementioned socialist source believes that his strategy will be that. “Work body and soul” to consolidate power in the municipalities, which is what they did.

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