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Start the Metaverse: Meta, Microsoft, Sony, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Huawei, IKEA, and 30 other companies have joined the Metaverse Standards Foruman organization that will define the standards used in the Metaverse.

Yesterday there was an avalanche of news from Xiaomi… and none was a cell phone: the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 bracelet, a laptop, a television, and the fourth generation of scooters.

Volvo is serious about its hydrogen trucks: promises 1,000 km of autonomy and recharges in 15 minutes.

technological news

Samsung Wallet: this is the new application of the company that tries to overshadow the Google version. read the news

Meta, Microsoft, Sony, NVIDIA and others found the Metaverse Standards Forum, to create the Metaverse standards. read the news

Experts are beginning to see a clear winner in the current cryptocurrency crisis. read the news

The Western veto of Russia has caused Putin to respond by blocking Windows 10 and 11. read the news


An Apple engineer explains why the first iPhone didn’t let you copy and paste. read the news

This is everything we know about the new Motorola Razr 3 before its official presentation. read the news

Sony jumps on the bandwagon of the mobile megapixel battle by manufacturing 100 Mpx sensors. read the news

Apple’s AirTag has a very serious problem with its battery. read the news

Why you should always avoid the silent mode of the mobile, according to a study. read the news

computers and tablets

Charging your mobile using the MacBook keyboard would be possible thanks to what Apple is preparing. read the news

What is my IP in 2022: how to know the public and private IP address of a computer. read the news

Why do you get HTTP 500 Internal Server Error when trying to browse the Internet and how to fix it. read the news


Xiaomi AIoT landing: new Band 7, a convertible laptop, TV A2 and its fourth generation of scooter. read the news

The great viral trick to remove wrinkles from clothes without the need for an iron. read the news

The viral TikTok trick to tie your bikini without using a bow. read the news

entertainment and gaming

The surprising list of the 10 most watched movies on Netflix (only one in a thousand will remember number 1). read the news

Stranger Things was the most talked about series on social networks… until Game of Thrones came back. read the news

DOOM is now playable on a LEGO brick. read the news

Leaked Sony’s next spatial audio headset for PS5. read the news


Can the DGT fine you for driving with your elbow leaning on the car window? read the news

Volvo already tests trucks with hydrogen: 1,000 km of autonomy, only 15 minutes of refueling. read the news

Myths about electric cars that you should stop believing. read the news

science and culture

What is the largest island in the world and how big is it? read the news

This is how the human “living” skin created for robots works. read the news

Plant-based food preservation spray may spell the end of plastic packaging. read the news

They discover an insatiable black hole capable of devouring a planet the size of Earth every second. read the news

The advice you should follow if you want to be an astronaut, according to those who have already traveled to space. read the news

This Friday, June 24, literally 5 planets align: this is how you can see it. read the news

18 years ago was the first private space flight, SpaceShipOne. read the news

The curiosities of the day

If you have always dreamed of buying a city bus, now you can do it at a bargain price. read the news

The first real trip from home to work in a flying car. read the news

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