spread news eiFalse information through videos and images is the main objective of deepfakestechnology that matches the image, sound and movement simulating nonexistent people in a certain place.

The word deepfake was determined during the marriage of deep learning technologies in neural networks and the word fake It is false in English.

technique qeu through artificial neural networks they generate ultra realistic images static, As of 2018, they began to be recreated with movement, giving rise to the introduction deepfakes in videos.

The Generative Adversarial Networks a network capable of generating and reconstructing images which allows to generate three-dimensional models and create from two dimensional planes and human faces that don’t really exist.

Technological revolution used by the film industry to “resurrect” characters who died in real life; Disney is leading the way by bringing back Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher died in 2016) in the movie ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.’

Politically, it has also been exploited for political purposes at the global level, by creating fake videos of politicians like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin or Barack Obama with fake messages to mislead the public.

How to detect a deepfake?

the union of the face with the neck it usually has an inconspicuous division, it is regularly what can be distinguished the most despite the fact that the algorithms are increasingly accurate, it is usually detected in fast movements.

lip sync sound, Although the face is the best recreation, there are still some flaws in the union of the lip with the sound it simulates.

The deepfake they usually have changes in skin tones, strange blinking and even no blinking and digital artifacts visible in the image or video.

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There are cybersecurity companies responsible for identifying and regulating the creation of these videos and images that can damage the reputation and credibility of a person or situation of the facts.

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