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“If reggaeton is music, mother’s minions are the work of Ludwig van Bethoven”… Joseph McKadew.-

Today Tuesday and tomorrow Wednesday are Mail Days. Please send your name and the town or city where you are writing from.

Luis Capote, from Catia La Mar, asks…: “In your 75 years of journalistic experience, who have been, by nationality, the most complete baseball players you have seen play?

Friend Lucho…: I don’t understand what you mean by “because of their nationality”, please!

Ricardo Hermosillo V. from Navojoa, asks…: “How was the creation, who invented the touch of the ball?

Amigo Chardo…: When baseball began to be played with the Rules in 1846, bunt already existed, because it was used in cricket and rounder. The details of its inventor have not been found.

Juan Páez, fellow journalist, from Maracaibo, who once interviewed me, expresses…: “I am writing to greet you, and to express my perennial wish that you are very well, in addition to my affection for so many valuable texts in your truly incombustible column.

I would also like to let you know that, as a reference for many and obvious to me, I try to make my personal style have something of yours. In life, you have to listen and learn from the good ones, and you have been and are one of them. I hope one day to have your signature on one of your books or, even better, a photo with you. YES SIR!”.

Friend and namesake…: Thank you very much and you know that I am always at your service.
Manuel Moreno, from Camurí Grande, asks…: “Why did the Athletics leave Philadelphia and the Braves leave Boston?”

Amigo Manolo… The Athletics, founded in Philadelphia, where they played since 1901, moved to Kansas City after the 1954 season, because, 1) They felt that the city was insufficient to share with the Phillies. 2) Major League Baseball was expanding westward.

But that new headquarters was not good for them financially, so at the end of the 1967 campaign, they moved to Oakland. Now they are about to go to Las Vegas, because the Coliseum is an old stadium.

The Braves, with various names, but the same franchise, played in Boston from 1871 to 1952, when they moved to Milwaukee, because the competition from the Red Sox was very strong and because they continued emigrating to the West. And after the 1965 campaign, they went to Atlanta, because it was a bigger city.

Thanks to life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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