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Choosing a foundation that matches the color of your skin is not always easy. Sometimes it seems while shopping that the chosen shade is perfect, but when applied to the face at home, it no longer looks so good. Often, even smearing it on the back of the hand or on the wrist does not guarantee a good choice. In such a situation, a hit with TikTok may turn out to be beneficial, as it is able to even out the color of any foundation with too warm tones.

Before we get into the practice of choosing the right color cosmetics for our needs, we buy something that does not look good on the skin. The foundation is often too dark or too light, which gives an uninteresting mask effect. To avoid this, the foundation should be perfectly matched to the skin tone. But this choice is not always that simple. When it happens that you have chosen a foundation or fluid with a color that is too warm for your complexion, it is worth looking at a solution that makes a sensation on TikTok. And it is a blue foundation that saves makeup with a wrongly selected, too yellow / orange foundation or fluid.

TikTok users were introduced to the blue foundation by Rose Siard, who shared the use of this product on her @roseandben profile.

Tiktokerka showed the use of blue pigment in her videos. You can see, for example, how Rose puts a foundation that is too yellow on her face, and then combines it with the blue specificity, applying it to the skin. You can clearly see how the foundation, which was not selected at the beginning, turns into a cosmetic that harmonizes with the skin. In this easy-to-use way, you can apply makeup the right way to keep it looking fresh and natural.

It is impossible not to notice that he made a positive impression on Rose’s observers. The blue foundation, or actually a foundation pigment, neutralizes the excess of yellow and orange tones. It is able to tone down warm shades of fluid or foundation. In addition, it has a fairly fluid consistency, is light and can be easily combined with other make-up cosmetics. You can find information on the web that it does not clog the skin and does not make it glow.

It is difficult to underestimate its advantages, although it is still difficult for us to get it.

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