We all know the risks involved in surfing the Internet, and especially in recent years, where cybercriminals are developing new attack techniques to seize our private information. There are many ways to be careful and one of them is by installing an antivirus, so we are going to tell you the three best free antiviruses on the market.

The objective of all antivirus is to protect the system from any cyberattack or phishing to which it may be exposed, as in everything there are versions with more security walls than others, and this is usually marked by whether they are free or paid.

Obviously paid antiviruses are more complete, since they offer you a more advanced service. However, in the event that you want to protect your computer, but for whatever reason you do not want/can not pay for a subscription, we are going to show you the three best free antiviruses according to the Organization of consumers and users (OCU).

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

This antivirus system is the best valued among the free options, and after analyzing it, it has been discovered that this antivirus provides a 99.86% malware protection and a 100% ransomware. Kaspersky’s service offers a 81% protection in antiphishing and has the extra of offering a VPN service of up to 300 MB/day.

In addition to all this, what makes Kaspersky Security Cloud Free antivirus a highly recommended option is that it differentiates this antivirus from others. does not slow down your computer.

Windows Defender

The number of cyberattacks is much higher on Windows systems than on Mac, that’s why since 2006 Microsoft designed an integrated antivirus in all its systems and what started out being quite modest, today is a program that, to be free, meets its requirements. functions very effectively.

The truth is that if you have a Windows system you will already have it installed, so without knowing it you already have a good quality antivirus on your computer. The analyzes carried out by the OCU discovered that Windows Defender blocks 99.89% of malware, however, this system no protection against phishing To which is added that it has been discovered that it gives many false positives.

We can say that it is not the most secure and efficient option, but it is a minimal layer of security and very comfortable to have.

Avast Free Antivirus

To finish this list, we will find the free version of the Avast antivirus service. In the analyzes it has been detected that this system offers a 99.96% protection against viruses, the 100% ransomware and brake until 94% of phishing.

But since it is a free version, the company has not wanted to offer all the comforts to the user, and this service is very heavy, since it takes up 2,236 MB on the hard drive. In addition, this free version does not have any type of extra such as a password manager or its own firewall.

Now it is up to you whether to stay with one of these free antivirus services or if you prefer to have more advantages and protection with a paid one, either way, it is important that you protect your system.

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