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The number of hours worked by an employee that Social Security has proof of does not only determine the money that this employee legally receives (if he or she received money ‘in the black’ illegally). This information is also crucial because it marks its contributions, contributions that will entitle you to benefits of all kinds in the future.

That’s why it’s key know exactly what are the hours reflected in our contract and what are the hours that Social Security considers as those actually worked and quoted on our part. If they are expressed incorrectly, it can become a real problem, so it is best to check it periodically to be sure that it is quoted for the time actually worked and not for less.

The quickest way to check is with a work life consultationthat document that allows workers to know what their Social Security registration situations have been and under what conditions: type of working day, contribution base, scheme…

As he has explained in his Twitter social network information profileSocial Security allows you to download your work life easily and quickly, in just a few minutes, through [email protected], the organization’s online processing platform.

Specifically, the person interested in accessing working life will have to use the service ‘Working life REPORT‘, available at this link and that it provides all the updated information at the time of the query, except only the periods of compulsory military service and those worked abroad.

As explained by the Social Security, with the working life you can consult all the periods of registrations and deregistrations, the types of working hours, the contribution bases, the number of hours… and make searches by scheme, type of contract, dates or companies. In addition, in the event that there is any incorrect data (that, for example, the company has reflected fewer hours than the actual hours worked), the worker can request the modification of these data providing the necessary information.

In order to use all these tools, the citizen must have a digital certificate (it can be obtained by following four simple steps), an electronic DNI, [email protected] (so you can register to obtain a [email protected] PIN or permanent) or access via SMS if you have registered the phone number in the Social Security database.

How to receive work life in our house

Otherwise, the worker has one option: resort to sending the letter of working life to his home. This traditional method can be ordered at [email protected], but without the need for the previous methods. For this you will only have to use the service ‘Work life report at home‘, which can be reached by clicking this link.

To achieve this, the worker must provide their personal data (name, surnames, DNI and date of birth) and a contact address to which to send the work life report, which must coincide with the address that appears in the Security database. Social.

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