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Unexpectedly by many, ‘Lightyear’ has become one of the biggest disappointments of the year in terms of box office. The new Pixar has failed to materialize in theaters, and the reasons that could have given rise to the bump are the most varied; ranging from a future landing on Disney + that has invited families to wait until an absurd controversy surrounding a kiss that has diverted the conversation to unwanted places.

Of actors and dolls

However, the most logical thing is to think that this galactic adventure has skidded in the box office due to a risky —and brilliant, it must be said— premise that makes it fit into the ‘Toy Story’ universe perfectly, but that has caught a fandom completely off guard wanting to recall the spirit of the saga starring living toys.

The concept on which ‘Lightyear’ revolves, conceived as the movie that Andy saw before buying his Buzz doll, has had to be explained on several occasions by director Angus MacLane, who has also clarified on several occasions the reason why Tim Allen has not lent a voice to the Space Ranger of the feature film: It’s not the same character as the one in ‘Toy Story’.

Well, in the middle of this mess, the actress Patricia Heaton —’Everyone loves Raymond’ — published a tweet in defense of Allen after seeing the trailer of the film in question. The typical horny tweeter…

“I’ve seen the Buzz Lightyear trailer and all I can say is that Disney/Pixar made a HUGE mistake by not casting my colleague Tim Allen in the role he created, the role that belongs to him. Tim IS Buzz! Why would they completely emasculate this iconic and beloved character?

Users were quick to underline what MacLean, the film’s crew and cast had repeatedly explained, and Heaton was quick to post another message with a “YES, BUT” of manual.

“Okay, the Buzz Lightyear movie is an origin story. But the reason the character was so loved is because of what Tim Allen created. Why remove the one element that makes us want to watch it? #StupidHollywoodDecisions.”


At this point the only thing left is to emulate Homer Simpson when he scored in the hand a trick to tell his friends Lenny and Carl apart and make it clear that:

  • Buzz the Toy = Tim Allen

  • Buzz the movie character that inspired the toy = Chris Evans

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