The World Cup 3×3 starts today in our country. Belgian Lion Nick Celis and Belgian Cat Julie Vanloo explain in great detail how this spectacular basketball variant is played. Do you also hear thunder in Cologne with terms such as crossover, pick & roll or floater? Then Nick Celis will brush up on your basketball knowledge with the 5 terms that you may hear in the coming days.

What is 3×3 basketball?

  1. crossover: the most used dribble to pass your defender as an attacker. You pretend to dribble to one side, but then quickly change direction to pass your defender on the other side.
  2. Layout: the most classic way to score close to the ring. You take 1 or 2 steps, jump up and you put the ball in the ring.
  3. floater: a modern variant of the lay-up, in which the attacker throws the ball in an arc over the defender. That way, the floater is much harder to block than the lay-up.
  4. Alley-oop: when an attacker catches a pass in the air and immediately scores while still in the air.
  5. pick & roll: a game system in which in a 2-2 situation an attacker places a block (“screen”) on the defender of his teammate (= the pick), which then dribbles across the screen.

    The attacker who set the screen then moves towards the ring (= de roll) and receives the ball in order to hopefully score. The attacker can also step outside to shoot, then you talk about pick & pop

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