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Nikole Mitchell is a woman born between a Christian family very conservative who, in her words, was raised to be “quiet and sweet”, to the point that she became a pastor of a community. Her life was going in an ideal direction according to the belief of her family and friends, however, deep down something about her told her that she was not all that she had outside of her.

“I was indoctrinated to believe that my desires and my body were innately sinful and evil,” she said in an interview with the new york post.

It was so, as an adult, she began to question everything around her, including the rules that she always followed to the letter. The woman she confessed that From a very young age I thought a lot about being a stripperan idea that seemed crazy to him then.

She was always the rebel of her environment despite her great human quality, even her decision to be a shepherdess was not so well seen according to a basic principle of her family: women cannot be leaders, they must do housework and educate their children. .

Nicole Mitchella mother of three, knew she had a chance and ended up accepting the offer of one of her pastors, becoming a pastor.

“So even though it went against everything I was told, I decided to become a pastor because of my love of acting. Being on stage in front of thousands of people, that’s what I had been dreaming of for years,” she revealed.

Her professional life was going great, she had achieved a place as a “weekly pastor”, but everything took a radical turn when she went to an LGBTQIA+ play in 2016. Knowing a little more about that community, she questioned many things, now, she identifies as bisexual and pansexual.

This remained a secret for a while, she knew that no one would accept her in the church if she made it public, until after a speech in 2017 she decided to stop being a pastor.

His new path was not entirely clear, until he went to a class called “Sexpress You”, where he learned to express himself more. She didn’t think much of it and contacted a photographer to work together on content for onlyfans.

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At first it was difficult for her, they only took photos in lingerie, now, at 36 years of age and with a little more confidence, she also acts as a stripper on the platform and records any type of personalized video for her followers.

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