Things are looking up for these zodiac signs from the summer solstice

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The summer solstice on June 21 marks a turning point in the cosmic year. You can read here which signs of the zodiac this initiates an upward trend according to the horoscope.

June 21st represents a special day in our annual cycle: It is the day when it is brightest for the longest time in the northern hemisphere. The reason for this is that the earth is now at the point on its path around the sun, which takes around 365 days, at which the northern hemisphere is inclined at the maximum towards the sun. As a result, the northern hemisphere gets most of the sunlight that falls on Earth that day, or the sun shines on it for a much longer period of the approximately 24 hours it takes the Earth to rotate once northern hemisphere as it radiates to the southern hemisphere.

After June 21, the days in the northern hemisphere slowly become shorter again, until we reach the opposite of the scenario described on December 21 with the winter solstice: the day on which the southern hemisphere is maximally inclined towards the sun and on which the northern hemisphere is in the shade most of the day. But we don’t have to prepare for that just yet, because there’s still a little way to go before the dark season: Until the equinox on September 21, the days in the northern hemisphere are bright longer than the nights are dark, which is why In fact, according to the horoscope, the following zodiac signs actually have reason to celebrate this year’s summer solstice in a special way: the best time of their year is apparently still ahead of them.

Horoscope: 3 zodiac signs for which things are going uphill from the summer solstice


Leo has passed the most painful, strenuous and conflicted times of their year, and from now on harmony, understanding and success will find their way into their lives. Spending time with the people who appreciate, recognize and love you just as you are, growing and healing together, these are the big topics of your further summer in the area of ​​private relationships. That being said, the stars bode well for creativity and productivity.


From the summer solstice, Libras will be rich, but perfectly rewarded for their dedication and diligence over the past few months or years. Now is the time to reap the proverbial fruits of your labor, and they will be sweet and juicy. It’s not always obvious, but by and large the universe is fair, so staying true to your values ​​usually pays off in the long run when it feels right. Even if it’s not always easy.


Whether consciously or unconsciously, Sagittarians were able to clarify many important questions for themselves in the first half of the year and feel considerably relieved, relaxed and free. In the coming time it will be easier for you to make decisions or to accept and enjoy the consequences of your decisions – you still have a few moments of pleasure this year. From the summer solstice onwards you are increasingly able to concentrate and relax, your self-confidence grows and you find yourself more and more.

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