At Kenzo’s summer welcome party, poppies grew last night and a good handful of looks that met the dress code in a very fresh way. Flowers, that was requested. And many brought out their best gardens. Others and others withered them.


1. Maria Fernandez-Rubies Soler she strictly complied with a dress code that required this, a fresh and flowery vision for an afternoon cocktail. Her green midi with lantern sleeves, a square neckline and black piping fulfilled it to the letter.

Maria Fernandez Rubies

2. The one with Paula Love she had no flowers but her dress was a simple poppy and one of the most divine of the night. That is correct yes or yes.

Paula Love

3. Chanel Terrero continues unstoppable from event to event. Her green and orange garden, her short but long sleeves and her undone bow complied. Last night they didn’t play the glitters. Yes, mommy arrived, to stay a long time.


Four. Cristina Cifuentes knows exactly what an afternoon cocktail with flowers is. His two-piece with bougainvillea pants was perfect.

Cristina Cifuentes

5. Mary Pombo it left out the flowers in its print, but not in the embroidery of its three-piece skirt with an extremely high waist, top and bolero with XXL shoulder pads. So eighties.

Mary Pombo

6. Marilo Montero she wore them like that too, on her yellow embroidered dress.

Marilo Montero

7. What about Cayetana Guillen Cuervo They were not flowers but leaves, but it was so top…

Cayetana Guillen Cuervo

8. Martha Carriedo She also didn’t incorporate flowers into her look, but her dress could just as well have been another poppy.

Martha Carriedo

9. Yes, finally, the lovely light length of Helena Tablada. It was a complete success.

Helena Tablada

10. The One Laura Matamoros it was a hippie garden. I had flowers, for a cocktail it was light, but she is always beautiful.

Laura Matamoros


1. Don’t let me get angry Violeta Magrinan, which is a girl cannon. But yesterday’s dress code was not showing anywhere in her summer party short.


2. The one with Lorraine GomezI didn’t get annoyed either, I don’t know if they were ice creams, popsicles or what, but it wasn’t the best of the party’s dress code.


3. Guys who confuse ‘flowers’ with ‘bachelor party look with the buddies on a Caribbean beach’. If they tell me that he came from the beach and without showering, I believe him. Well, that’s wrong.


4. Explain it to me. Three times.


6. And there are times that not even the poppies of the party itself are right. Things that happen.

7. Of course, the mini summer dresses with winter boots are worse. This is to not stop drinking until you can distinguish … Well that.

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