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In 2016, she was recognized as having the most perfect face in the world, thanks to science. Although after many years her place was taken by one of the world’s most popular models, Amber Heard is still on the podium. These faces correspond to the Greek Phi coefficient.

  • Amber Heard is one of the most beautiful famous women in the world
  • In 2016, her face was recognized as the most perfect. Currently, however, Bella Hadid is in first place. Heard also overtook Beyoncé
  • He analyzed their faces using the latest face mapping techniques by Dr. Julian De Silva, plastic surgeon from London
  • Based on the analysis of photos of famous women, De Silva calculated the percentage of symmetry of their faces according to the ideal Greek Phi coefficient
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

Due to the “process of the decade” that has already been completed, Amber Heard has been on the lips of many people. The media followed each stage of the process, and Internet users eagerly commented on Heard’s behavior and her acting skills. In the maze of comments there were also critical comments about Heard’s facial expressions, clothing and general appearance. Science, however, has a different opinion about the beauty of the actress. Amber Heard has one of the most beautiful faces in the world, according to London plastic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva.

Beauty in numbers

According to the Daily Mail, Dr. Julian De Silva from the Center for Advanced Plastic and Cosmetic Facial Surgery in London, in 2016, tested Heard’s face using the latest face mapping techniques. Based on the photos, her eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, chin, jaw and face shape were measured, and 12 key points were analyzed, which turned out to be 91.85% corresponding. the Greek coefficient of Phi.

The Golden Ratio (also known as Phi) is the mathematical symmetry algorithm that underlies our perception of attraction. Its value is approximately 1.62. To calculate the golden ratio, the length of the face must be divided by its width. Other dimensions of the face should also be taken into account, such as the distance between the mouth and nose, and the width of the mouth and nose.

Amber Heard isn’t the most beautiful?

“After creating the software and algorithms for the key points on the face, I thought it would be a good idea to test the system on some of the most beautiful women in the world and see if we could prove with geometry and science what exactly makes a face beautiful. Results. were surprising and showed that several famous actresses and models have facial features similar to the ancient Greek principles of physical perfection “- admits the doctor quoted by the Daily Mail.

Tests using face mapping techniques were also subjected to, inter alia, Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski, Beyoncé and Bella Hadid. According to the analysis by Dr. Julian De Silva, Hadid now has the most perfect face in the world. The collected data shows that the model’s face is symmetrical in 94.35%. Beyoncé is right behind her with a score of 92.44 percent. Amber Heard came third (91.85%).

The most beautiful faces in the world also have:

  • Ariana Grande (91.81%)
  • Taylor Swift (91.64%)
  • Kim Kardashian (91.39%)
  • Scarlett Johansson (90.91%)
  • Emily Ratajkowski (90.8%)
  • Natalie Portman (90.51%)
  • Katy Perry (90.08%)
  • Kate Moss (91.06%)
  • Kendall Jenner (90.18%)
  • Cara Delevingne (89.99%)


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