On Tuesday, June 21, the astronomical summer begins this year. This is the season of the Cancer zodiacs. What awaits them in the coming month and how will it affect the other zodiac signs?

The Cancer season begins on June 21 and ends on July 22, 2022. This is the time that will primarily affect Cancer and Capricorns, but many other zodiac signs will also feel its effects. Find out what this means for you.

Cancer summer. What does it mean for this zodiac sign?

You can breathe a sigh of relief if you are zodiacal Cancer. Everything indicates that the stars are on your side this time. Use your month to appreciate social events and draw positive energy from other people. This is your moment of reaping, not giving and enjoying. You also deserve inspiration and a sense of comfort.

Summer meetings should also be a good time for you to reflect on what friendship means to you and who should be on your list of trusted people in your life. It’s time to refresh your contacts and say enough to others. Focus on your needs and clear the negative atmosphere. In one case it will be a conversation with a close relative about something that makes you feel uncomfortable, in another breaking contact with a toxic friend. However, it is better to throw away negative energy and spend time in June and July with your best friends who will inspire you with conversation and interesting meetings.

When it comes to love, good vibes are in preparation for you. For Crayfish in a relationship – with a partner it can be really hot both emotionally and physically. People who are currently singles and singles can count on the support of the stars in their search for a holiday romance. However, nothing by force! Think about what gives you pleasure.

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Summer is also a moment that Raki will feel very nostalgically. Dissolve in the memories of the beautiful views, the smells of seasonal dishes and the moments that happened during warm days. Looking at the past with a sigh will be a good time for you to be grateful this time. However, do not lose yourself too much in what you used to do, because the coming weeks will be just as beautiful for you.

Season of Cancer for Aries

For Aries, the end of June and July will be a moment to spread his wings, but also a lesson in humility. Use the confidence that has motivated you over the past few months. However, remember about balance – take care of your ability to listen to others and take care of your professional balance. If you have been concerned about family neglect, this is a good time to listen to your gut. Use your good moments to inspire others.

Cancer season for Taurus

The bulls will look inside themselves. Think about what you are feeling. Confront this with a loved one, or even a therapist, if you feel the need to do so. Cancer season will be favorable to your emotional changes, but intense at the same time. Rest and pay attention to how you respond to stimuli. You may be a hypersensitive person at this time.

Cancer season for Gemini

The season of Gemini ended recently, so this sign will feel the Cancer season subtly. The coming month will not affect him drastically, but that’s good – sometimes it’s worth distancing yourself from great changes. Take care of the things you put off or put off. This is a good time to check old documents, make savings and take advantage of financial development opportunities.

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Season of Cancer for Leo

The lions have been quite cool for their temperament in the last few months. The sign of the sun, however, feels its strength with the beginning of astronomical summer. This sign will feel the Cancer season of the body in terms of health and daily habits. Lions are favored by the energy of Cancer, which motivates to movement, mindfulness, and strengthening in thinking about one’s physicality in conjunction with the head. July will be very sensual for you.

Cancer season for Virgo

The hot summer is for Virgo. You will become the center of attention in terms of friendships and public image. At the turn of June and July, there will be a particularly favorable moment for making new friends. You can use it professionally, but also relational. This will allow you to better communicate your opinions and needs.

Cancer season for Libra

For Libra, the summer solstice is full of contradictions. On the one hand, it will focus on a professional career, on the other, on home life. The season of cancer will allow her to develop, but also create a field for conflict. This is the result of some of your personality traits, but also of deeply entrenched issues related to family life. Think about what matters are your priority now, so as not to fall into chaos that will spoil your well-being in the coming weeks.

Cancer season for Scorpio

Scorpios get the best of the Cancer season. It is a time of learning, inspiration and personal development for them. Summer journeys will change your life and views. Be careful though, as the rush into which you fall through all the sensations could take a toll on your health. The thoughts that come to your mind during your personal reflection will be a good start on your summer dates.

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Cancer season for Sagittarius

Be careful with Sagittarius as the season of Cancer may reveal elements of you that you never noticed. Don’t be alone in this and open up to your loved ones by making sure you set boundaries that are right for you. July can be a successful month for Sagittarius, but also a very risky time. Stay vigilant.

Season of Cancer for Capricorn

Capricorn will focus on relationships with loved ones, whether it’s a love relationship or a friendship relationship. Fill the summer with people who will inspire you. In early July, the energy of spontaneity will favor you. Creative, light energy can help you develop your relationship, sex life, and hobbies. Find passion and have fun! You will probably learn a lot about yourself this month.

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Season of Cancer for Aquarius

For an Aquarius, the Cancer season is a good time for self-reflection and self-care. Take care of your mental health by immersing yourself in pleasant activities. Don’t be surprised if your productivity slows down. Celebrities say health is paramount right now. Even though your job shouldn’t be a problem for you, in case of professional conflicts, stay calm and look for balance. Take time to meet your needs.

Season of Cancer for Pisces

Summer will develop Pisces in terms of creativity. Lots of ideas for daily activities, DIY projects, keeping a journal, visiting museums – this is something for Pisces. However, watch out for neglect at work! Organize things that you put off or put off for later, because you may face the consequences of procrastination.

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