Rosario recovered her act for Flag Day with almost all the usual steps of that ceremony, which had been interrupted during the two harshest years of the pandemic. It happened without the presence of President Alberto Fernández –he had been in Santa Fe on Wednesday–, and with a sparse audience that did increase as the sun warmed the flag national park and the tasty smoke from the stake barbecue tournament prevailed over the smoke from burning in the wetland opposite. In the midst of all this, Omar Perotti and Pablo Javkin were in unity for the speeches and without Chicanas.

The mayor did appeal in a tacit message to the national government to strengthen the conditions to combat organized crime and urban violence. “Rosario, who gives so much to Argentina, needs Argentina to defend her better,” he said. And he lavished a stick on sensationalist forms of politics, perhaps on his former partner Elisa Carrió with whom he held a sharp counterpoint during the week: “The cries we hear from the center of the country are useless. That is the form of political decline of the last 20 years”, he said later at a press conference at the foot of the Monument.

The national day went from minor to major, and culminated with a total music party next to the Paraná River, with Jorge Fandermole and Soledad Pastorutti as strong numbers of a program that attracted thousands to the Monument and crowned a long weekend of great influx tour.

But first it was time for protocol and the required speeches, where the political crumb was left in the mayor’s mouth. The governor refrained from polemics and appealed for a unity speech, even “getting together with those who think differently to build.”

In the absence of any envoy from the National Executive, the head of the act was Perotti and Javkin. The intendant, as host of the celebrations, enumerated for a long time the virtues of the city and its people, and thus fitted the claim of his speech.

“But we also have a very big problem, we are a city that wants to be one of peace but is threatened by mafia gangs that are their weapons and their filth takes the lives of our kids. We need unity and decision. When we hear the screams from the center of the country, it does not serve us. The only fight we have to fight is against those mafiosi who grow at the expense of poverty and the lack of opportunities of our boys and girls. Rosario has no justice, no police, no prisons; but it claims those who do they have them. We ask for help, I’m not ashamed to say it, we strongly ask that what is needed and urgently be done,” said Javkin. And he added: “Rosario, who gives Argentina so much, needs Argentina to defend it with all the resources at its disposal. We deserve to be able to walk the streets, study, work and grow in peace.”

Later, at a press conference, the municipal chief reinforced his appeal. “We need them to take care of us in the best possible way, and for what happens in the prisons to be tightly controlled. This week we have had 3 clarifications of acts of gangs that include almost 140 crimes organized by detained people. That the prison be the prison and not that the street is the one that suffers. We propose a work agenda with the Nation, the Province and the security forces,” he said.

There were no reproaches about the absence of the President and any other central government emissary. “It is important that the President is there, but sometimes it is possible and other times it is not,” said Javkin. And Perotti, similar: “When he was there this week, he had not defined whether he would come or not, but a long weekend like this is used to bring teams together indoors. Surely that has been the case,” he softened.

The governor, for his part, valued the recovery of the face-to-face act, and urged to follow the example of Manuel Belgrano. “Due to postulates such as those of the hero, Santa Fe today is the province with the highest production and registered work. We are the productive engine of our country,” Perotti said, and for this reason he advocated “more federalism to integrate territory and balance population.”

In this framework, he considered that “there will always be different points of view, but that should not be an impediment to our development. Or, on the contrary, we will have a stressed economy and that generates more tension.”

“We must unite, build with those who think differently – Perotti postulated -, if not, we will obtain the same result. Every opportunity that is opened to a young person is a door that is closed to crime. In a country with many divisions there is something that surpasses everything: our flag, our love for Argentina”.

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Varun Kumar

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