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  • Yellow Day is celebrated on June 20, the Happiest Day of the Year on the entire planet.

  • Why is yellow the color that represents happiness?

  • At ‘First Dates’ we kick off the happiest Monday of the year the way we like it best: with a Kaiku Vanilla Caffè Latte

The June 20th is he Happiest Day of the Year and we can’t think of anything better than celebrating the Yellow Day than looking for love in ‘First Dates’ and start it with a fresh and delicious Kaiku Vanilla Caffè Latte. Who said Mondays can’t be wonderful days?

Why is today the happiest day of the year? To compensate for the already famous Blue Monday, the viral event called Yellow Day was established and for years June 20 has become the Happiest Day of the Year. It is a very special day in which to remember everything that makes us happy. That special person who fills our hearts, a song, a memory, a special connection with the sea, the coffee that gives us strength to start the day with a smilethe sunset that you will never forget… Any reason that makes us feel happy and full of joy is perfect to occupy our minds every Yellow Days.

The choice of color that makes us happier, according to psychologists, is due to the direct reaction that the color yellow provokes in our senses. Such a symbol of energy, positivism, illusion or fun. Not every Monday is Yellow Day and this June 20 we have to celebrate it in style.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you know that today is the Happiest Day of the Year? What little detail makes you feel happy? Is June 20 the perfect day to find the love of your life? We don’t know what the night will bring us in our restaurant of love, but we do know that we are going to start Yellow Day with a smile and tasting a delicious Kaiku Caffè Vanilla Latte.

Kaiku Vanilla Caffè Latte

Kaiku Caffè Latte has woken up happy, and is using his Kaiku Vanilla Caffè Latte as a symbol to start this day full of energy and all the way up. It doesn’t matter if it’s the beginning of the week, because with the characteristics of this day combined with a coffee… joy arises alone!

There are Mondays that are very Monday, but this Monday is one of the longest days of the year and the perfect time to say goodbye to a spring full of surprises and open your arms wide to a summer that promises to be hot and full of unforgettable moments.

How do you plan to celebrate the Happiest Day of the Year? Matías has already begun to celebrate…

Matías has a Kaiku Vanilla Caffè Latte for breakfast

Matías has a Kaiku Vanilla Caffè Latte for

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