These are all the disadvantages that your health can suffer if you are one of the people who like to leave the fan on at night in the hot summer.

With the extreme temperatures that we are experiencing, most people have chosen to put on the air conditioning or the relevant fan, and many, in order to fall asleep, usually leave these devices on throughout the night, and if it is specifically the fan you can end up having some health problem.

And it is that according to the site Sleep Advisor, the fans blow dry air around the room which could cause a multitude of health problems, not very important, but which could range from dry skin to sinusitisespecially if the air is left on at night.

They comment that “if the dryness is particularly extreme, it can cause your body to produce excess mucus to try to compensate. So you are more susceptible to sinus obstruction, congestion and headaches”.

Also the fan on all night could cause muscle achesespecially if the air is aimed directly at the body since concentrated air can cause the body to tense up and cramp.

Obviously they also comment that sleeping with a fan can have certain positive aspects such as lowering body temperature or better air circulationit could even serve to attenuate external noise and help us focus more.

But if you are allergic, they recommend that you never leave the fan on since it could enhance allergy or asthma symptoms.

What they do recommend is that if there is no choice but to leave the fan on when we go to sleep, that we use a fan with a timerso that it can be turned off in the middle of the night once we are already sleeping.

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Tarun Kumar

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