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While in the PRO they line up to join the candidacies for governor of Buenos Aires, the radicals cook their own internal. The decision of Facundo Manes to run for a presidential candidacy he left them without his strong figure for governor candidate, so what’s next in the deck of options for now are a series of less winning cards than Manes (who lost an intern to Diego Santilli a year ago anyway). Among those mentioned are the current president of the UCR, Maximilian Abad, the deputy karina banfi or the mayor of San Isidro, Gustavo Posse. For his part, Martín Lousteau put the province to work Martin Tetaz to add it to the list. There are those who hope that they will be able to bring in someone from outside of politics to be a blockbuster option: a release of “Manes 2” that accompanies the neurologist as a candidate for president. For now, it’s just a happy idea.

The radicals jumped like boiled milk when the mayor of Olavarría, Ezequiel Galli, from the PRO, recently threw out the possibility that the co-religionists support: “Santilli and Abad make an excellent formula for the governorship”, praised, while seeking to settle the attempt by the members of the Buenos Aires UCR to lead the formula in 2023. It is clear that neither Abad nor the rest of the leaders are willing to resign themselves to the vice-government, as they did when María Eugenia Vidal was the candidate (there they managed, effectively, that the formula was not one hundred percent PRO and they ran Cristian Ritondo from second place on the ballot to put a decorative Daniel Salvador).

With Manes, there was for a time the dream of a candidate of his own, but the neuroscientist quickly made it clear that his was to aspire high and he ran for the Presidency. Who will replace him? There is no definite answer today. The names that circulate are all of less public knowledge than the one that headed the radical ballot in last year’s PASO. Among them, Abad has in his favor that both Manes and Gerardo Morales support him, another potential radical presidential candidate. Also that, from the leadership of the Buenos Aires UCR, he has the support of a good part of the radical mayors.

The “Abad hypothesis” for governor that is played in the Provincial Committee is based on the idea that the ballot is drawn by the candidate for president and, below, by the mayors. A kind of drag “Above and below” which makes, according to this theory, that the figure of the governor does not need to be such a blockbuster.

The other two figures that follow the same hypothesis are the deputies Karina Banfi and Alejandra Lorden. Both had a presence in Congress and are looking for radicalism to nominate someone who, basically, is not a man. They have a thick glass ceiling to break, if you take into account the radical tradition.

Instead, Gustavo Posse He is a figure that does not come from the UCR of Buenos Aires: in fact, he faced Abad in a bloody internship a few years ago and lost. Posse last year threatened to run and ended up supporting Santilli against Manes. For this reason, there is a strong distrust towards the mayor of San Isidro. They imagine him more in the orbit of the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, than leading a radical current that fights for the candidacy for governor of Together to the PRO.

The list of radical options does not stop there. Martín Lousteau considered that the departure of Manes left them exposed on the Buenos Aires front and he does not seem to have adhered to the “Abad hypothesis”. Maybe that’s why he put him to walk to Martín Tetaz the province, to present him as an alternative candidate to the leadership of the UCR and play with his disruptive style to present him as the change.

Manes doesn’t seem to be excited about taking him to Tetaz as a candidate. In the Buenos Aires UCR they continue with the hope of convincing some prestigious figure to fulfill the role that Manes was originally going to fulfill in the province of Buenos Aires. The neuroscientist would like someone like that to strengthen his speech that he is “the new thing” against candidates with a long history in politics such as Rodríguez Larreta at the national level or Santilli. Eventhe presidential formula of Manes could add Carolina Losada, from Santa Fe, with the idea of ​​presenting a proposal from outsiders of the political system. A candidate for governor who followed that line would not displease Manes, although everything indicates that for him it is not Tetaz.

Whoever ends up being the chosen one of the UCR will have to face one of the options of the PRO: for now, there are four. There is Santilli, supported by Larreta; Vidal has already made it clear that his candidate is Ritondo; Patricia Bullrich has the mayor of Captain Sarmiento and former macrista official Javier Iguacel; and Néstor Grindetti, from Lanús, also plans to play and has been showing himself very close to Mauricio Macri, in the event that the former president goes for a second term and takes him as a candidate for governor. Everything is yet to be resolved in the interns of Together for Change.

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