According to a letter from the National Association of Heritage Workers, Anatrap, the problems range from difficulties in decentralizing the entity to uncertainty over the renewal of fee workers.

Monday June 20, 2022 2:20 p.m.

After talks between the National Association of Heritage Workers, Anatrapand the management team of the National Heritage Service, which did not come to fruition, this Monday, the union decided to initiate a strike with the aim of achieving a series of demands that, according to what they say, had already been compromised by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage.

As stated in a public statement from Anatrap, on June 15, in Valparaíso, the holder of the portfolio was sent, Juliet Brodskya letter that exposes the different situations that were affecting them, this because the express announcements of the Government have shown their willingness to work together with the union organizations.

However, as reported to this medium by the Anatrap leader, Margarita HormazábalIn practice, this has been limited to the creation of a purely informative work table.

According to Hormazábal, four years after the creation of the Ministry of Culture, the National Heritage Service has not been able to fully achieve its objectives because the process of creating its new plant has not been completed, which has generated a series of problems for the workers of said entity.

“We are trapped, which translates into the precariousness of workers, lack of personnel, labor overload, non-compliance with regulations. The latter due to the fact that it has not been possible to conclude with decentralization through the implementation of regional directorates. We have suffered budget cuts, which has had a huge impact on our ability to meet citizen demands”he pointed.

The letter signed by Anatrap also reports at least a dozen internal situations in which no progress has been made in these months of government, which, according to the leader, also impact the service they provide to citizens.

“We are not counting on authorities as a starter, but as a substitute. We do not have an internal organization that determines the levels of responsibilities in each of the service dependencies, we have a no less number of precarious workers as fees with the uncertainty if they will be hired. There is also a complex situation with the issue of guards and security guards for non-compliance with labor rights”, he explained.

The call of the union organization on this first day of the work stoppage is to “correct and promote participatory work”, they made clear in the public statement, but, in addition, it was learned through Margarita Hormazábal that in the morning hours there was a first contact with the Government to be able to reach an agreement for the request shown.

“We have not had a direct response from the minister, but through the Undersecretary. We are waiting to be received by the undersecretary, we know that the minister asked her to attend to our requests and give us what the Government determines is necessary to lower the paralysis, but this is a preliminary meeting, to internalize ourselves, we owe ourselves to the bases,” he said.

This Monday afternoon, the leader also added, discussions will be held in the Anatrap workers’ assemblies showing the proposals that the Ministry would have delivered during the morning, and later it will be decided whether or not the stoppage continues for the next few days.

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