• We tell you what are the best options to forget about white sugar

  • Natural sweeteners are a healthier alternative

  • White sugar, in addition to being addictive, can harm our health

We know very well that the White sugar it is harmful to health. This is not a fad that is so common in matters related to food, but a conclusion that has been reached after numerous studies. Now, avoiding white sugar is not the same as giving up sweets in our lives. Luckily there is natural sweeteners to replace sugar. Of course, in any case we should not abuse them. Excess sugar, wherever it comes from, will never be an ally of our health.

White sugar is very addictiveDivinity.es

Why avoid white sugar?

The amount of sugar that can be taken daily, according to the World Health Organization, is 50 grams a day. At first it seems a more than sufficient amount, the point is that it does not refer only to the sugar that we take to, for example, sweeten coffee. Sugar is present in many foods that we consume, especially in ultra-processed. Therefore, if you want to reduce the sugar you drink, reviewing your diet in general is essential, and thus you will be able to avoid these problems:

  • circulatory problems: Excess sugar increases triglyceride levels in the blood, which can cause hypertension, diabetes and myocardial infarction.
  • provokes overweight and obesitysomething that should concern you beyond the aesthetic issue, since it can trigger additional health problems.
  • affects the stomachcausing constipation, stomach pains and gallstones.
  • harms the metabolic assimilation of nutrientssuch as vitamins and minerals, which other foods provide us.
  • It is very addictive, and gets the brain to push us to consume it compulsively. So it is better that you try the following natural sweeteners.


We insist that, although honey has beneficial properties for health, this does not mean that its consumption should be abused. Yes indeed, sweetens more than sugarso you will need less quantity.

Honey is a good natural sweetener.  SOURCE: Pexels

Honey is a good natural sweetener. SOURCE: PexelsDivinity.es

natural stevia

It is one of the natural sweeteners preferred by those who decide to eliminate sugar from their diet. One of its main virtues is that does not alter blood glucose levels, so diabetics can take it. With very little amount you will get the same sweetness as with sugar.

coconut sugar

It is a little known option which is worth considering. It offers an interesting content of minerals and contains little fructose. Its flavor is similar to that of caramel, something that can be quite a discovery.

natural fructose

It is true that white sugar contains fructose, but if you take it Naturally, it has far fewer calories., and taken in the right amounts does not harm health at all. The greatest risk is in certain industrial products that contain it in excess.

date sugar

Dates have great nutritional value.  SOURCE: Pexels

Dates have great nutritional value. SOURCE: PexelsDivinity.es

Sweetening desserts, biscuits and milkshakes with dates is an excellent option. Its glycemic index is low, and they provide a lot of fiber, as well as vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium or magnesium. The only disadvantage is that dates are very caloric, so you must control their consumption.

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